Ban imposed on import of Thalidomide
Published on: Saturday, October 13, 1962
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NORTH BORNEO NEWS and SABAH TIMES - (Saturday, October 13, 1962) - JESSELTON, Friday —The Ag. Director of Medical Services states that the import of Thalidomide and all preparations containing Thalidomide has been prohibited.

Thalidomide is the tranquilliser drug recently incriminated in the causation of birth deformities of infants, if taken in sufficient amounts by the mother during her pregnancy. 

Recently small quantities of a preparation containing Thalidomide were found on sale at a shop in North Borneo.

“It is not considered that there is any cause for alarm as a result of this finding,” states a press statement from the Medical Department. But as prevention is always better than cure, it has been deemed necessary in the public interest to ban the import of this drug into North Borneo.

“Thalidomide appears under a variety of different trade names. If any person should be in possession of the drug they are advised to surrender it to the nearest Police Station or Hospital.

“The trade names of Thalidomide are as follows :- Algosediv; Asmadion; Asmaval; Bonbrrin; Calmore; Contergan; Coronarobetin; Distaval; Ecdluran; Enterosediv; Gastrinide; Gluttanon; Grippex; Inaidan; Imidene; Imidene Ipnotico; Isomin; Kevadon; Lulamin; Neo Nibrol; Neosydyn; Neurosedyn; Nevrodyn; Noctosediv; Noxodyn; Poly-giron, Polygripan; Predni-sediv; Predarmil; Psyrholiquid; Psychotablets; Quetimid; Quietoplex; Sanadormin; Sedalis, Sedimid; Sedin; Sediserpil, Sedoval K17; Softenil; Softenon; Talimol; Tensilval; Thalin; Thalinette; Theophilcholine; UIcerfen, Valgisnon; Talimol; Tensilval; Thalin; Thalinette; Theophilcholine; Ulcerfen; Valgis and Valgraine.

“Thalidomide has been used safely in the treatment of certain diseases in the past, but it is considered that all such diseases can now be equally well treated with other drugs.” 


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