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Published on: Sunday, September 08, 2019
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WE are a group of disgruntled purchasers who were ripped off by the above project. It was started in 2005 and was supposed to have been completed in 2008. And 15 years later, we are still here, begging your newspaper to help!

We, the majority of the purchasers are retired people, many of us used their life savings or EPF to invest in the project, hoping to rent out the unit, when completed, and have some rental income for our retirement. But now the dream was dashed – and we have to keep paying the bank every month. The worst thing we heard now is the new developer might challenge us on technical ground!!!

We voted in a new government last year, which promised to be transparent, which promised to get rid of non-functioning, power-abusing GLC board members. 

A new JV agreement was signed with a new company to revive Starcity in March 2019. But five months have passed and the poor buyers are still waiting for someone to come and say hello and brief us on what is happening.

(a) Then suddenly last week, anxious parents from the nearby Chung Hwa School were horrified to see that a piece of land belonging to the school was fenced up over the holiday period, without any notice by the new developer. Teachers were forced to vacate their parking lots to give way to school buses, which have been parking on that land for years.

What is happening? School land was occupied blatantly, broad daylight robbery? This should not happen in Sabah!

(b) My friend who is a consultant informed us that new development Plan and Demolition Plan have already been submitted to DBKK for approval, while the buyers are still in the dark. We heard that the new plan is for a shocking over 50 storeys building in the city.

(c) When completed, its value will be worth billions. While they are waiting for the different departments to approve like bomba, DCA, etc, it is only fair that they should settle with the banks and buyers, You can wait but not the poor buyers, who have waited for 15 years!

Through your esteemed newspaper, we would like to appeal to the new Government, especially our Chief Minister to help us out of this dilemma. 

We are legal owners of units in Starcity and IF the new developer dares to bulldoze and demolish the mall BEFORE settlement with the buyers, we will go for court injunction, viral in Facebook and other social media, demonstrate at site and get the help of the opposition to expose everything. 

This will look very bad on the State Government when SUDC is a GLC. Please protect the rights of the buyers, the majority are Sabahans.

We sincerely hope that ALL the approving departments, too, will come to their senses before giving your approval. Don’t under-estimate the power of the purchasers. 

Many are holding back their legal action to drag SUDC and Sedco into the mess pending the outcome of this revival efforts. 

SUDC, as land owner, you gave your consent to the project, you endorsed our S&P agreements 15 years ago, you were supposed to monitor the project but you allowed it to fail.  It is time to wake up now and do the citizens a favour by doing your job properly or you will pay for it!


Desperate purchasers

n The SUDC has since replied that the “parking lot” in question measuring some 7,000 sqft had been allocated through the consent of the TYT for the city’s development. – Ed

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