Mojuntin uses Radio Sabah to woo support for Unko
Published on: Friday, December 07, 1962
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NORTH BORNEO NEWS & SABAH TIMES - (Friday, December 7, 1962) - JESSELTON, Thursday. Mr Peter Mojuntin, Assistant Secretary-General of the United National Kadazan Organisation said here tonight that his organisation would seek every way and means to bring about more prosperity for all the people, especially the people of the rural area. 

Mr Mojuntin, who was speaking over Radio Sabah in a political broadcast series on the forthcoming Local Government Elections, appealed to his listeners to vote for the Unko candidates.  He added that his organisation would see that the people in the rural areas are given every opportunity to improve their standard of living. 

Declaring the platform of the Unko, he also said that his organisation would obtain sufficient schools of similar standard as the schools in the urban area and more scholarships for all children. 

The Unko would see that medical facilities were extended to all the rural areas with more hospitals, dispensaries and clinics being built in the rural areas. 

“Most  important of all, to see that proper roads are built so that the rural people will be able to find a market for their produce and to be able to be within easy reach of the bigger town in the country,” Mr Mojuntin added.

Earlier, he said that his organisation was a member of the Alliance Party and it supported the Alliance wholeheartedly. 

But unfortunately there were a few places where it had not been possible to agree on an Alliance candidate. “Unko candidates who are returned at the coming elections will work not only for the Unko but for all communities,” Mr Mojuntin declared. 

He said the objects of his organisation have already to a certain extent been won. 

“It was the Unko’s President who fought for a Native Needs Committee and the Native Needs Committee Report is being implemented to the benefits of all rural peoples and not only the natives of the rural area,” he said.

More roads were being built, more schools were coming up, more dressers and midwives were being taken in by the medical department who would be sent to the rural areas.  

The Unko was also fighting for job opportunities for all. It would see that when children leave school there would be jobs for them, Mr Mojuntin added. The Unko would obtain agricultural and trade training for all young peoples and it has been responsible for the interest taken in co-operatives. 

“The Unko stands for what is good for Sabah and the people of Sabah,” Mr Mojuntin declared.  The organisation has leaders who are known for what they have done for their people – “Honourable Donald Stephens, our Huguan Siou, is well known as a nationalist; someone who has worked for the good of all communities.” 

He added: “He (Mr Donald Stephens) has fought hard for the good of Sabah and his newspaper in the past 10 years has been the People’s champion in fighting for the rights of all races and all the people of Sabah. 

The organisation also has Honourable Ganie Gilong who is well known leader is Ranau showing that he is thinking and fighting for the people in national terms. 

The organisation also has Hon Anthony Gibun who by his hard work and sincerity has managed to make government change its mind about the road to Tambunan via the Sensuron trail. 

“We have Hon OKK Nonon who is doing his best for the people of Tuaran irrespective of ‘bangsa.’ We have many other well known leaders who are known to be working for the rayaat – OKK Angian in Keningau, Mohd Arif in Bingkor, Anthony Undan in Apin-Apin, Amadeus Leong in Papar, Richard Yap, the Unko Secretary-General in Penampang, Vincent Lojingau in Sandakan, Payar Juman in Kiulu, OKK Jemari in Tandek, Haji Ibrahim and Mr Binsin in Membakut, NC Basog and Ex Sgt Intang in Keningau, former Chief Inspector and now OKK Abbie Basinau in Tambunan, Mr Sikopit Siganul well known Unko worker in Penampang. 

Mr Mojuntin said: “Unko stands for what is just, good and clean. Vote your Unko candidate into the District Councils and you will have representatives who will do their best to serve all communities to the best of their ability.” 

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