Sabah Alliance decides to hold pro-M’sia conference
Published on: Sunday, December 02, 1962
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NORTH BORNEO NEWS & SABAH TIMES  - (Saturday, December 8, 1962) - JESSELTON, Fri. - The Sabah Alliance Executive Committee last night decided unanimously to call a conference to be held in Jesselton of all pro Malaysia political parties in the five countries of Malaysia - Federation of Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak, Brunei and Sabah. 

The actual date has not been decided upon but the Conference is expected to take place after the middle January 1963. Invitations will be sent out to all pro Malaysia political parties to send representatives to the Conference. 

The object of the conference is to show the strength and solidarity of the pro Malaysia parties, to plan for cooperation when Malaysia is established; to seek ways and means, as a unified body, to combat the anti Malaysia forces at work within and without the Malaysian countries, and generally to allow leaders of the pro Malaysia parties the opportunity of exchanging views aid for them to get better acquainted with one another. 

Mr Donald Stephens, Chairman of the Alliance Executive Committee, told the meeting that he had already got in Singapore and Malaya which had signified their willingness to take in touch with parties in Sarawak  part in the Conference.  Although the Sabapa press release today did not say so, it is clear that when referring to forces inside and outside Malaysia working against Malaysia, the Sabah Alliance meant the SUPP in Sarawak and the Party Rakyat in Brunei, and the Philippines. 

It is known that the Azahari visit to Manila recently had given the Filipinos a completely warped and distort picture of the true situation here. Azahari and his friends while in Manila pictured North Borneo as country whose people were suffering under the British and that the majority of the people wanted to see North Borneo federated with Brunei and Sarawak and did not want Malaysia.

The press reports from Manila recently, which the Sabapa leaders must know about, have carried completely false reports about happenings; in this country. And it must be for this reason that the Sabapa had decided to call for meeting of all the pro Malaysia parties of the region. 

The Sabapa press release also mentioned the fact that the Alliance members of the Intergovernmental Committee had been given a mandate to negotiate for the best terms possible at the meeting to be held in Kuala Lumpur from 17th to 21st. It is generally felt that the Kuala Lumpur Meeting would be the last meeting of the Inter Governmental Committee Plenary. 

The Sabah Alliance also discussed the possibility of sending representatives to the United Nations and it is possible that a final decision on this will only be taken after the Pro Malaysia Parties’ Conference in Jesselton about the middle of January. 

The Sabapa press release said that the matter of sending representatives to the United Nations to present the views of the people of Sabah appeared to be necessary in view of the completely distorted picture which the Philippines had put up by speeches made in the United Nations and by pronouncements made by high Filipino officials. 

The Sabapa Executive also discussed the possibility of sending a joint Sabah-Brunei-Sarawak, delegation to the United Nations or in case Brunei would not want to be represented, a Sabah-Sarawak delegation. 

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