Assembly slams action of revolt leader
Published on: Wednesday, December 12, 1962
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NORTH BORNEO NEWS & SABAH TIMES - (Wednesday, December 12, 1962) - JESSELTON, Tuesday. - Legislative Council of North Borneo today condemned the action of AM Azahari, an insurgent leader of the Brunei revolt and his conspirators of the party Rakyat and the s0-called Tentera Nasional Kalimantan Utara for the rebellion in Brunei and the border areas of Sabah and Sarawak.

The Council also denounced as barefaced lies the statements made by Azahari that he was the Prime Minister of Sabah and that he had the support of the people of Sabah. Introducing the motion condemning Azahari, Datu Mustapha bin Datu Harun, President of the United Sabah National Organisation and Presiding chairman of the Sabah Alliance Party, said that what had happened in Brunei had been a sad spectacle similarly what had happened in Limbang and Lawas has also been sad and terrible. 

“But I am concerned. Sir, with what happened in our own Sabah,” the Datu said.

 He added that Azahari and “his gang of conspirators had managed to infiltrate in our country and to indoctrinate into some of our citizens the tenets of their political faith -- which was aimed at overthrowing the lawful government by force.” 

The rebels marched on to Weston and took the small town which caused alarm and much suffering to the people. 

The Datu paid high tribute to the North Borneo Police Force for their courage and mentioned P.C. Bitti who died in action at defending Brunei Town airport. 

“We cannot but condemn in the strongest terms possible their dirty handiwork of Azahari and his gang. The lies which Azahari as spoken while in Manila are nothing but barefaced and shameless lies. 

His claim to be the leader of his country and of Brunei and Sarawak has no basis of truth and his proclamation, of himself as the Prime Minister of ‘Kalimantan Utara’ would be laughable had it not been a part of the horrible tragedy enacted in Brunei, the author of which is no other than this enemy of the people – Azahari.” 

The Datu urged the government to see to it that all those who had hand in the rebellion were brought to book and that very help should be given to Brunei. 

Seconding the motion, Mr Donald Stephens said that peace was shattered when the rebels joined in a rebellion which had been aimed at bringing about Azahari’s State of Kalimantan Utara. 

Azahari resorted to violence thinking that he had enough supporters in all three territories to gain control, Mr Stephens added. 

“But his claim that he had a large following both in Sabah and Sarawak has been proved to be completely false,” Mr Stephens said. 

“Where was this brave and mighty leader Azahari when the rebellion took place?” Mr Stephens asked. 

He said Azahari has been safely enconsed in a very comfortable hotel in Manila with his so-called deputy Zaini who after returning to Brunei to “give their final orders they made sure that they were as far away as possible from Brunei when the fireworks began.” 

Mr Stephens added: “These two self-proclaimed heroes of the revolution are nothing but cowards and the acts committed by many of their followers – like the killing of hostages – are nothing but the action of murderous cowards.” 

Mr Stephens said he thought the North Borneo and British governments should take strong action against the “unfriendly acts shown by the government of the Philippines in harbouring a criminal and a murderer.” 

The Philippines appeared to have given Azahari encouragement and support in the rebellion, he added. 

“From reliable sources of information I have also learned that many of the men who led the rebellion in Brunei were either members of the PKI (Parti Komunis Indonesia) or PKI trained men.

 “We know that a number of these Brunei rebels were trained in Tarakan and inside Indonesian territory, although there is no proof that they were trained by Indonesian Army personnel.

“I prefer to believe that much of what had happened was unknown to Jakarta. In this is the case then it is true that the PKI which in the past had relied only on propaganda to block Malaysia has now also decided to resort to force where it is possible for them to do so.” 

Mr Stephens not only condemned “the action of Azahari and his gang but also condemn what they had done as Communist inspired.” 

Mr Stephens said the Party Rakyat of Brunei had a link with the PKI.

He urged the government to revive the Volunteer Force “to fight against any enemy which may think us easy meat.” 

“We, the people of Sabah call on the British Government to face up to its responsibilities towards the Borneo territories and to do everything possible to put down the rebellion as quickly as possible and to help the Governments of the three territories make sure that there will never be a repetition of such a pointless and wasteful rebellion,” Mr Stephens said. 

He, as one of the leaders of the Sabah Alliance Party, pledged support to government action taken to fight rebellion or aggression and said “the Alliance reiterates its full support of what the Government had done in putting down the rebellion in the Sipitang and Weston area.”

Mr Khoo Siak Chiew, Secretary-General of the Borneo Utara National Party, supporting the motion, said that “the action taken by the rebels is not a purely local matter.” 

As events had now shown the rebellion had far-reaching effects on Sabah, Mr Khoo added.

“Peace and security in Sabah have been rudely disturbed, and although the people remain clam, no one can view the situation with complacency,” he said: 

“To make the matter worse, Azahari has proclaimed himself the Prime Minister of the Borneo territories. We wish to disavow his claim that he has the support of any of the people of Sabah and we wish to enter a disclaimer on all that he has said in Manila about Sabah. 

“We condemn Azahari’s action and wish the whole world to know that we are extreme angry with him and regard him the arch enemy of Sabah,” Mr Khoo said. 

Inche Fadzil bin Asmad, of Labuan, in supporting the motion said: 

The action by the Party Raykat and Azahari has caused the death of many innocent people and caused fear and despondency among many in Labuan. 

“I hope in condemning Azahari and all his works, Government will do everything to stamp out the remnants of the seed of rebellion planted in our county by the Party Raykat. 

“Your Excellency, I wholeheartedly support the Hon. Datu Mustapha’s motion”.

Mr Pang Tet Tshung supporting the motion, said:

The peace which we enjoyed in the three Borneo Territories had been disturbed by the rebellion started last weekend by the Party Rakyat of Brunei under the leadership of Azahari.

 “This is a most unthinkable act. The harm done will take a long time to repair and I am afraid life in the three Borneo Territories will be different from now on. 

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