Polling underway in first local govt polls, Tanggit first winner
Published on: Monday, December 17, 1962
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NORTH BORNEO NEWS & SABAH TIMES - (Monday, December 17, 1962) - JESSELTON, Sun. – The first ever Local Government Elections began at 8am this morning in all Town Boards and District Councils as planned, except in the Sipitang District Council area. 

The Governor on Thursday suspended the Local Government Elections in the Sipitang District under the Preservation of Public Security Ordinance. 

The suspension is in view of the last week’s disturbances in the area when some people backed the Brunei rebellion and seized one village and Weston. 

Though, the situation is completely under control, arrests continue in the area. 

Over two hundred persons have been arrested in the Sipitang-Weston area and some of them were released yesterday after questioning by the police at the Police Headquarters in Jesselton. 

The Sabah people took the elections today very calmly and there was no excitement in the air. 

The weather on the West Coast was good. There were no unusual propaganda instruments and the contest seemed very friendly. 

There were no reports of disturbances or incidents late tonight from any part of the country. 

Steady streams of voters poured into polling stations in all wards. 

In Jesselton, early crowds especially the natives-gathered outside La Salle School queuing up to choose their member for the Jesselton Town Board’s Tanjong Aru Ward. 

By mid-afternoon almost 60 per cent of the voters had cast their votes. 

In Penampang, where there is keen competition in a three-cornered fight, the people took it easy and smilingly entered the booth – sometimes quite amused with the procedure.

The polling there will last until Tuesday:

Voting in the Moyog Ward of the Jesselton Rural District Council closed at 5 pm today. The polling station was at the Native Voluntary School, Babagon where the count began soon after the closing of the booth. 

In the Moyog Ward 399 people voted out of which only one vote was spoiled. 

Mr John Yagut (Pasok Momogun) received 195 votes while the Unko candidate Mr Maniel Tanggit received 203. Mr Maniel Tanggit was declared elected at 8pm tonight.

In Papar, early crowds of natives gathered outside the District Office. There was not a great rush but a steady stream of people poured to the booth until noon. The crowd thinned out in the afternoon. There were no incidents. 

In some cases the polling stations will be in a different place tomorrow and on Tuesday. 

In the remotest areas the staff and ballot boxes will go to the people as it would not be possible for the people to go to the polling booth. 

There seemed no confusion but the only fear expressed by the political observers was that: whether there will be many spoilt votes. 

Registration figures, in some wards, are very low, they said and with spoilt votes of the innocents, the “true” candidate might lose. 

Political party agents were kept busy throughout the day and night. Some candidates toured their wards meeting the voters and weighing their chances. 

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