New SUDC management must show they are different
Published on: Sunday, December 08, 2019
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I am a buyer of the now abandoned project StarCity Mall. I have been paying my bank loan since 2007, the day I signed my SnP, having full trust in our GLC - SUDC for its completion but I and over 200 buyers now want to “spit” on the faces of those SUDC Board members who allowed this to happen! 

They allowed the previous developer to do whatever he desired, overclaimed through certification of own, related architect firm, went bankrupt and now dead!

(1) Recently, SUDC and their new JV partner organised a huge “launching ceremony” for a staggering 69 storeyed mall while ALL the buyers and most cabinet ministers were left in the dark, let alone invited of the function. Imagine we only came to know about it in your paper the  next day! Most consultants in KK are of the opinion that, unless the airport is to relocate or else such a height is not likely to get approval from DCA etc.

(2) Why rush for a launch? when all stakeholders are not even been consulted and new development Plan has not been submitted. This caused a lot of panic and confusion among buyers – thinking that their units will be demolished soon and their rights to own challenged! Some are planning legal action to injunct, to protest and to report the matter to MACC in order to halt the new project.

(3) Recently many thanks to DCM Datuk Christina Liew, Datuk Junz Wong and YB Ben Chong who met a group of buyers and subsequently the cabinet discussed the issue twice. We are excited to learn that the YAB CM will personally look into the issue and meet the buyers. We eagerly await the honour of meeting YAB CM  to brief him our dilemma and beg him personally to intervene and help us out of our misery.

(4) Starcity is a commercial project. We are not against development, in fact, we welcome the new JV plan to revive it. It will not only resolve the eyesore problem, bring in huge investment, modernise our city while at the same time will get us out of our msiery.

(5) We are reasonable buyers, who are willing to sit down and discuss things. BUT please DO NOT do things behind us as “no news is bad news to most of us” and wild guesses among buyers can be very dangerous and lead to direct and fierce confrontation. Many opposition parties are eager to jump onto the wagon to hit at the government.

(6) But SUDC must NOT try to shortchange the poor buyers, most of whom have forked out their life saving (pension, EPF etc) to invest in their units. If the JV can bring in multi-millions of profits for SUDC, be generous with the buy-out scheme. once the 200-over buyers are not the picture, you can proceed with your JV mega project and reap handsome profit. 

That will be the reward for all the hardwork that you have put in and to erase the “bad image” of all past GLCs were making huge losses all these years! The new management team in SUDC should sieze this opportunity to prove that they are different.

(7) Mentality, practices and culture of the previous government must go or else they could likely be a one-team government, judging by the results of the many by-elections that had taken place.

voter with conscience 

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