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Published on: Sunday, December 08, 2019
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I note wih interest Datuk Darrell Leiking’s advice that community safety should be given priority in Penampang (Daily Express front page 4th December 2019). 

This was in response to the unfortunate incidents which occurred recently in the district. One need look no further than the Penampang government offices itself and one such office in particular is the Penampang District Land Office. 

Having been there on numerous occasions, you cannot help but notice that the building is run down, dirty and frankly unsafe. I was there recently in October. When you walk along the corridor, you can see the area is a cemetery for old and discarded office furniture. 

While waiting for my turn to see the Assistant Collector of Land Revenue, a young lady who was walking along the corridor slipped and fell due to broken and loose tiles on the corridor floor (pic). Her hand broke her fall and I saw that it landed on the broken loose tiles, which had jagged edges. 

Perhaps she is used to the appalling state of our government offices. Nothing new, she thinks. She picked herself up and walked off. The government officers who witnessed the fall, made several “tsk tsk” sounds, muttered something about the broken tile pieces having to be picked up. And they too, walked off. 

I am not exaggerating when I say that the broken tiles have been there for years. I need say no more as to what that implies. It is sad to see the local authorities do nothing about the sorry and unsafe state of their offices. If you are in disbelief, please go to the office today, and you will surely see the broken tiles still unattended to. Do we not want to learn from the mistakes of others when it comes to public safety? The government should hold itself to higher standards than the ordinary man on the street. 


C Chin

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