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Published on: Monday, January 01, 1962
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THE BORNEO TIMES - (Monday, January 1, 1962) - JESSELTON, Monday: Mr Robert Knowles, North Borneo Commissioner of Customs and Chegu Fadzli bin Asmad, well-known member of the Legislative Council headed this year’s New Year;s Honour List. They were both awarded the O.B.E.

Mr. Robert Knowles (O.B.E)

Mr. Knowles, the Commissioner of Trade and Customs has served in the Customs for some 28 years and is, in consequence an officer of very wide experience. When he first came to North Borneo he was posted to Labuan in the very difficult post-war period when the island was still full of ex-Army stores mainly of items which were in extremely short supply.

His subsequent service was to the community in Labuan, tariffs of North Borneo and Sarawak and on the planning required for the establishment of a free trade area, leading perhaps to a common market covering the two territories. 

He has done much in his department to accelerate the training of local staff to fill positions of responsibility. 

Mr. Knowles has been the Vice-President of the local Rotary Club and through the Jesselton Youth Club introduced cycle racing to North Borneo. 

Chegu Fadzil bin Asmad (O.B.E)

Chegu Fadzil bin Asmad has a long record of valuable teaching service in Labuan. He takes an interest in local affairs and has been a wise and valuable guide to the young people who have passed through his schools. He is a highly respected member of has been a member of Legislative Council, representing Labuan since 1956, and in addition has been on the Standing Finance Committee. 

Mr. Chong Phin Sze. (M.B.E.) 

Mr. Chong joined the Chartered Company service in 1926 and by the outbreak of war had passed the basic legal examinations which are required of a magistrate. He continued working during the Japanese occupation and was condemned to be beheaded for anti-Japanese activities. 

He has given continuously faithful service, discharging his duties in a most conscientious manner. Since 1956 he has been Assistant district Officer, Kudat, one of the largest districts in the country, where his relationships with all races have been excellent. 

Father Martin Connolly (M.B.E.) 

Father Connolly came to North Borneo as a young priest in 1924 and was posted to Tambunan in the Interior 1927 to help establish a mission and school. Apart from the war years during which he was interned, he has served in Tambunan ever since, running an English school and devoting himself to the welfare of the people of Tambunan. 

Father Connolly has an intimate knowledge of the cus-local people and has always been ready to assist with advice on these matters. 

He is held in great regard by the local people, so much so that when a District Council was inaugurated this year he was unanimously elected by the unofficial members of the Council as their Vice-President (the District Officer being President). No other European in the country has been so honoured. 

Mr. Simon Lee Ah Phen (M.B.E. (Honorary)

Mr. Simon Lee joined the service of the Chartered Company on the 5th February, 1928, and served mainly in Sandakan and Jesselton until he joined the Education Department in 1948. Since 1955 he has been the Senior Executive Officer in that Department and as such has carried successfully the ever-increasing work involved in the rapid development of education to meet current needs. 

He is a most public spirited officer, always ready to help others. He has taken a prominent part in the work of the Junior Civil Service Union, of which he was Chairman from 1956 to 1957, and consequently played an important part in the negotiations which led to the adoption of the Report of the Commission on the Public Service of 1956. He also takes a very close interest in youth work. 

Mr. Anthony Palani Robert (B.E.M.) 

Mr. Robert joined the service of the Chartered Company in 1930 as an assistant compositor in the Printing Department. 

After the liberation of the country from the Japanese he was transferred to the Medical Department as an anti-malarial assistant and is now a senior technician and clerk with the Malarial Control organisation whose headquarters are at Keningau in the Interior Residency.

For over a quarter of a century Mr. Robert has taken a keen interest in Scouting. He also played a notable part in the resuscitation of the Sandakan Recreation Club. being its Honorary Secretary from 1946 to 1948. In 1950, when the North Borneo Special Constabulary was formed, he was among the first to enrol. 

Mr. Robert has given very loyal and conscientious service. 

Tuan Haji Moksin bin Chuchu (B.E.M.) 

Native Chief Haji Moksin is a Bisaya who has spent all his life in the Beaufort District where he is responsible for the Padas Damit area. This area is one in which communications present very considerable difficulties due to swampy terrain: Haji Moksin has been most industrious in oversetting the construction of tracks and paths, to the great benefit of his people. The area is now being opened up and it is clear that, largely due to the hard work which Haji Moksin has put in, his people will be able to take full advantage of their opportunities. 

Mr. S. H. ST.G. Edwards (Colonial Police Medal) 

Mr. Edwards has completed 25 years Police service. He enlisted in the Palestine Police in 1936 and served with distinction throughout the worst years of terrorism in that country.

Mr. Edwards was posted to North Borneo in 1949. He is a very experienced, efficient and hard working police officer. His diligence and conscientiousness as well as his attention to detail have led him to work long hours over protracted periods without complaint. Apart from this, Mr. Edwards has done great deal of valuable detail work on such matters as the requirements of the Firearms and explosives Ordinance and on fire-fighting equipment and techniques.

Mr. M.O. Edge (Colonial Police Medal) 

Mr. M. O. Edge is the most senior of the Superintendents in the North Borneo Police Force and in January 1962 will complete 23 years’ Police service in North Borneo. 

As a junior officer before the war he was wounded when effecting the arrest of two desperadoes armed with parangs who were terrorising the village of Tungku. As a result he sustained permanent injury to his left hand. 

Mr. Edge has an intimate wide experience of all aspects of Police work and throughout his service he has shown great keeness as well as considerable ability as a police officer. 

Mr. Edge, has an intimate knowledge of the people of the country and is one of the most fluent Malay speakers in the Service. 

Certificates of Honour have been awarded to the following persons: 

Mr. Andau bin Tangkim 

Mr. Andau bin Tangkim joined the Chartered Company service in 1929 and was promoted Chief Hospital Assistant in July 1958. He served in the Labuk and Kinabatangan districts prior to 1940, before being posted to Jesselton. He was the first trained hospital assistant to open the Government dispensary at Tongod on the Kinabatangan. He gave long, loyal and efficient service before his retirement in 1960. He has now been reengaged and is working in the Duchess of Kent Hospital, Sandakan. 

O.K.K. Bulangan bin Tumbu 

O.K.K. Bulangan bin Tumbu has a long history of public service. For 30 years he served as a teacher and headmaster in primary schools. In 1955 he was appointed a Native Chief in Kuala Penyu and was promoted District Chief in January 1959. He has carried out his duties very satisfactorily in spite of poor health. 

Madam Fong Tian Loi 

Madam Fong Tian Loi is a very active worker for voluntary organisations in Papar District. She has been a member of the Hospital and Prisons Visiting Committees, and was a founder member of the Papar Branch of Nobata. She is the Red Cross Centre leader for Papar. 

Mr. Tan Tze Shu 

Mr. Tan Tze Shu plays a valuable part in public affairs in Sandakan, particularly in connection with the Boy Scout movement, in which he was appointed District Commissioner, Sandakan, in 1958. He has also been a member of the Town Board and Secretary of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce. 

Enche Abdul Samad bin Budin

Enche Abdul Samad bin Budin has served as a teacher and headmaster of primary schools for over 25 years. He was appointed headmaster of the Government Primary School, Tenom, in 1953 where he served with distinction. He has always taken a part in local community activities, thereby earning respect from the parents as well as his pupils. 

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