Advantages, disadvantages in M’sia plan
Published on: Monday, January 01, 1962
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The Borneo Times (Monday, January 1, 1962) - His Excellency the Governor, Sir William Goode (pic), KCMG, said, in his New Year message broadcast over Radio Sabah this evening, “1961 has been an other year of great progress for this country. We end it facing new problems.”

The message continues, “Whether we like or not, we have become involved in the affairs of the countries around us. We have been drawn into battle against the Communist menace which threatens our neighbours. We must accept that the tide of opinion in the world today is running against Colonialism. Suddenly and unexpectedly we are being asked to change our way of life. 

During the first few months of 1962 you will have to decide whether or not you wish North Borneo to join with the Federation of Malaya. Singapore, Sarawak and Brunei in a new Malaysia and if you do join Malaysia what safeguards you need; what matters you wish to keep under your own control. 

These are difficult and complicated matters. There are many advantages in joining Malaysia. There are also disadvantages. We must try to work out a way to gain the advantages and avoid or reduce the disadvantages. 

I know that many of you are worried about these things. Some of you do not want any big changes. Many consider that this country is not yet ready for them. But changes must come. We cannot live beneath our coconut shell. 

So I ask you to think carefully about the opportunity Tunku Abdul Rahman has given us to join his people in a greater and stronger federation of Malaysia. 

Think not only for today and tomorrow, but for 10 or 20 years ahead. 

Quite soon we shall have a Commission here to find out our views and to help to work out a scheme which will he acceptable to us and to our friends in Malaya. Sarawak and Brunei. 

We shall not all hold the same views. This is natural. It will be for the Commission to hear all views and try to sort them out and meet them. 

As I said, we shall not all agree about these big questions. But we must not let disagreement about them cause bad feelings. Let us not get angry or spiteful: let us rather understand and respect each other’s views. Let us strive to ensure that from different views come wise decisions for the country so that all may live here in friendship and peace and prosperity. I wish you all a very happy NEW YEAR.

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