Getting into rhythm for 2020
Published on: Sunday, January 12, 2020
By: Sylvia Lowe
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Well here I am back in sunny KK, O best beloved. I had a wonderful time, lapping up London, then spending a week with my family at my youngest son’s flat in Barcelona. Then back for another week to do the usual admin, and here I am.

In London I went to see a lovely musical called come from away. It was about the planes having to land in Newfoundland after 911. 

An unexpected subject but full of heart and style and warmth. Loved it if you are there catch it if you can. 

In Spain we had wonderful food, and visited Park Guell, designed by Gaudi. I loved the little cafés, the squares with chairs and tables, and all the small independent shops in Gràcia and the madder/braver of our group decided to dive into the Mediterranean on 26 December! 

Lots of puffing and gasping, but they struck out bravely and, so they tell me, felt much better afterwards. 

Not me, thanks. I like the temperature of the South China Sea. Not that Barcelona was cold. 17 degrees, though the water didn’t quite keep up. BRRRRR.

While I was away, I concentrated on working out the best way to make coffee. I drink far too many cups a day so made it my business to experiment. 

There is the cafeteria version. There’s the espresso pot on the stove version. The drip version in a jug or a coffee machine. Add the fancy pants see one that is made with those pods in a machine. 

All have their benefits, but after concentrating on finding what suits me, I have gone for the espresso pot on the stove.

Ground coffee water and gas. Takes a while but there is the added pleasure of the gurgling on the gas. 

This is my choice. Let me know Yours… Because I drink so much, I mix caff and decaf.

So my next task is to find which caff works best with the decaf coffee beans I use. another pleasant series of experiments to come. 

I’ve been doing quite a lot of experimenting. Because we go back and forth to the UK, it is very much in our interest to find the best Way to make the long journey the least painful. 

However comfortable, it’s the shortest journey time that makes the difference. I have tried British Airways. 

Fine. I have tried Malaysia. Fine. I am told Singapore is good by visitors who know their stuff. But, unless I want to stop off, I continue to search for a quicker route. I asked about Royal Brunei. Oh no, people said. 

Long layovers in Brunei Airport and until fairly recently, a stop for refuelling in Dubai. Not for me, I thought, until I heard that the Dubai stop is no longer needed as the new planes can make it in one go. Hmmm, interesting. 

I looked on the website, and on the very helpful Skyscanner app, and, yes, I found long layovers, but also ones of an hour or only slightly more. 

Hmmmm, even more interesting. With a bit of research, and some flexibility, I found a journey from KK to Heathrow that was 16 hours one way, and 17.5 the other. 

Oh joy unparalleled. It was, it is true, alcohol free, but that for me ain’t a hardship if I can lop off a good five hours off my journey. I will definitely do this again. 

And lastly, for those people who have been kind about my ungainly slither on the Sandakan bridge, I am delighted to report that the titanium pins are out, the x-ray shows the bones are healing, and I am starting Physio. 

Still a bit sore, but so much better than six weeks ago when I was looking down a long dark tunnel indeed. 


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