CP returns from visiting east coast bases
Published on: Wednesday, November 28, 1962
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NORTH BORNEO NEWS & SABAH TIMES - (Wednesday, November 28, 1962) - JESSELTON , Wed. - The Commissioner. of Police, Mr. D. Matheson, who has been touring the Colony since 13th November, returns to Jesselton tomorrow (Thursday), after visiting Police Stations from Kudat to Tawau. 

While visiting the East Coast the Commissioner presented Commendations to the following members of the Force and to one member of Special Constabulary:-

Inspector Ong Nai Boon of Tawau received a High Commendation and a Commendation in connection with bribery cases in which convictions were obtained. 

P.C. Jocob of Sandakan also received a High Commendation for showing exceptional courage and initiative in arresting a dangerous member of a raiding gang at Pulau Ranggi in August. 

Other Commendations were awarded to:-

Chief Inspector Khanizaman Khan of Lahad Datu, who while stationed at Kota Belud showed considerable efficiency in investigating thefts of military explosives, as a result of which seven persons were convicted. 

Senior Immigration Examiner Joseph Phan of Tawau received two Commendations and a reward for showing initiative and exceptional devotion to duty on a number of occasions at Tawau.

Corporal Awang Tahir of Tawau, who was the serang of the Police kumpit “Sapang” , arrested eleven suspected pirates who were subsequently convicted. 

P.C. Salungin of Tawau showed great courage in arresting a housebreaker whom he disturbed and who attacked him with a heavy iron bar. 

The constable disarmed the man , who was later convicted with five others for housebreaking. 

The Special Constable, Mr Foo Fang Yin of Kudat, received his Commendation for showing initiative in handling a case under the Firearms and Explosives Ordinance. 

One man was arrested and a quantity of explosives recovered.

Two received their Commendations in connection with attempted bribery: Sgt. Mohd. Yunus of Sandakan who also received a reward, and P.C. Ruslin of Tawau.

Cpl. Yusuf of Sandakan was awarded his commendation for showing considerable intelligence in investigating of a case under the Firearms and Explosives Ordinance, which resulted in a conviction. 

At Kudat many Native Chiefs, the District Officer; and A.D.O. were present when the Commissioner presented the Sir Ralph shield to Kudat Special Constables who won the yearly Competition for the best Unit. 

During his tour of the Tawau District, the Commissioner of Police, accompanied by the Divisional Commander, Mr S.S. Bedlington, has travelled by the Police launch “Sabahan’ to Tungku, Sungei Merah, Lahad Datu, Mostyn, Bohian, Boki Dulong, Semporna, Si Amil, Sebatik and Kalabakan. 

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