Separated by ‘accident but soon united’
Published on: Monday, November 26, 1962
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NORTH BORNEO NEWS & SABAH TIMES - (Monday, November 26, 1962) - PENAMPANG, Sunday. - Tun Abdul Razak, Deputy Prime Minister of Malaya, said here this morning that he felt as if he was standing on Malayan soil.

Tun Razak, who was speaking at a Unko rally at Tuavon, raised his hand and called out “Ingkakat Tokou Kadazan” three times before addressing a large crowd of Kadazans from the Penampang District.

He said he was glad and thankful for the opportunity given to him to meet the Kadazan people,

“I feel as if I am standing on the Malayan soil; I see padifields, chickens and cattle all around.”

He said the Kadazans, Malays, Chinese and other people in Malaysia were of the same stock who would make the new nation of Malaysia.

“We had been separated by the “accident of history” but we will soon be united in Malaysia,” he added.

Speaking in Malay, Tun Razak once again thanked Unko for giving him the opportunity of meeting the Kadazans and called out “Ingkakat Tokou Kadazan.” The crowd heartily responded three times.

Datu Mustapha, President of Usno, who also spoke at the rally said he had nothing much to add to what Mr Donald Stephens and Tun Abdul Razak had said regarding the Alliance party and Malaysia.

He appealed to the Kadazans: “Let us work together and if we work together we can make this country a happy and prosperous partner in Malaysia.”

Temenggong Jugah, of Sarawak, spoke about the closer relations the Malaysia proposals had brought about.

His humourous remarks drew laughter all around.

Mr Ganie Gilong, Vice President of Unko, said Malaysia could bring prosperity to Sabah and that without it Sabah would be weaker economically. He added politically, if Sabah were to achieve independence by itself, would also be weak. 

He appealed to the people to preserve good relations among the various races of the country for the good of Sabah.


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