First govt school in Ulu Tuaran is opened
Published on: Wednesday, November 28, 1962
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NORTH BORNEO NEWS & SABAH TIMES - (Wednesday, November 28, 1962) - TUARAN, Tuesday. –  The new Government Primary School at Lokos, Ulu Tuaran, was opened by the Deputy Director of Education, Air F.G. Whelan last Saturday. The School, which accommodates 90 children, is the first Government Primary School in the Tiong area of Ulu Tuaran.

 Present at the ceremony, was Mr J.A.G. Roberts, Assistant Secretary Local Government, from Jesselton, who was formerly District Officer, Tuaran and during his tour of office did great work for education in the district and particularly for the setting up of the Lokos School. He made a speech in the local language. Che Abdul Alif, Supervisor of Schools and a number of teachers including Chegus Poit and Mainah from Kg Tomis, Kasi and lyong from Kg. Giok, the Headmaster of the new School Chegu Gisin and his lady assistant Chegu Lewin were also present.

About 300 people from Lokos and the neighbouring kampongs came to the opening, including Native Chief Gitas from Kiulu and the Orang Tua2 Lonsoi from Kg. Lokos, Kilan from Kg Sinulihan, Linggan from Kg Giok, Garob from Kg Tomis, Gau, Linggok and Gumpu from the neighbouring Tiong Kampongs. 

After the opening ceremony there was a meal of rice and curried kerbau with tapai and bahar followed by ramai2 with gongs and dancing.  The school was built on contract by the R.C. Mission Bundu Tuhan at a cost of about $30,000. There are two classrooms and 2 teachers quarters. A similar school will be built at Kg Tiong Perungisan   in 1963. 

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