Obstructing cops: Chinese fined
Published on: Monday, November 12, 1962
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NORTH BORNEO NEWS & SABAH TIMES - (Monday, November 12, 1962) - JESSELTON, Saturday. - Two Chinese were yesterday fined by the stipendiary magistrate Mr I.R. Greene in the magistrate's court here for using criminal force on a Police Constable to prevent him from discharging his duty as a Police Officer. 

They were Kong Tet a 29-year-old Hakka Chinese, who was fined $100 and Phang Chung Yu Alias Pang Sui Ching, a 25-year-old Hakka Chinese who was fined $50. 

The court was told that on September 30 this year, a submarine HMS Andrew was on view to the public. A number of police officers were controlling the crowd at the gangway of the submarine. 

Among those  desirous of seeing the submarine were the two accused. 

The policemen on the gangway were told by a member of the crew that some girls were to be allowed on first. This was done and the two accused resented the girls being allowed on board first. 

PC Michael said in evidence that he explained to the accused what had happened, but they continued to grumble. PC Michael then said that if they had complaint they could give it at the station. 

The accused then left and PC Michael followed them. About 100 yards from the submarine PC Michael said that accused Kong Tet turned around in a rude way asked what he wanted. Kong Tet pushed him, and tried to push him into the sea. 

PC Michael blew his whistle and other policemen came to his assistance and both accused were arrested. 

The accused's version of what happened was that as they were walking along, PC Michael suddenly seized Kong Tet by the arm and Kong Tet objected and freed himself. PC Michael then blew his whistle. As a result other policemen arrived and both accused were manhandled by them.  Both accused were convicted. 


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