Amok Kadazan slashes 6 in Tamparuli town
Published on: Saturday, November 17, 1962
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NORTH BORNEO NEWS & SABAH TIMES - (Saturday, November 17, 1962) - TUARAN., Fri. - A 35-year old Kadazan of Kg. Tiong, Tambolong, Tamparuli, ran amok in Tamparuli Town on Wednesday evening at about 5 45 p.m. slashed six persons with his parang. The victims ages ranged from 13 years to 38 years.

The amok was apprehended by the Police with the help of the public in Tamparuli, and, in the course of apprehension he received a wound below his left eye. He is detained and receiving treatment in Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Jesselton. 

It is reported that as he was drinking in a coffee shop in Tamparuli last Wednesday evening, the man suddenly got hold of a parang and chased the people. He attacked anyone who might come into his way. 

As a result, six persons were wounded and a 25-year-old Kadazan Kundarut bin Gandan, who was being chased, jumped down from upstairs a shop and had both his legs fractured. 

Of the six victims, two were seriously wounded. All of them were admitted to Queen Elizabeth Hospital. 

The six victims, all of whom were males, were Chia Chung Sin, aged 13, Chia Nyen Chung, aged 18, Mokli bin John, aged 27, Guroh bin Limsok, aged 38, and Langayan bin Yumpun, aged 20.

Chia Chung Sin received a 4-inch cut on his left shoulder, Chia Nyen Chung and Mokli each had a cut in the forehead, Guroh had a 4-inch cut on his back, Langgayan had a cut on his chin and Daman had a 3-inch cut near his left eye and also had half of the little finger of his left hand chopped off.

These victims were given preliminary treatment by Mr John Baptist at the Tuaran Government Dispensary before being taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in the St. John ambulance. 

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