Najib’s  admittance of Projek  IC means  it’s true
Published on: Sunday, February 09, 2020
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IT IS strange that none of the non Malay Leaders who were and are still very vocal about the existence of Projek IC, introduced by the Federal Government in order to accommodate the United Nations Convention on Human Rights, in particular the displaced Malays from the Southern Philippines (Sulu).  

It was mentioned and reported from time to time, the existence of Projek IC and that hundreds and thousands of these people were given Malaysian Identity Cards.  

Unfortunately, none of these leaders had picked up on the admittance by the former Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib Abdul Razak that there was a Projek IC.

Najib’s admittance on the existence of Projek IC was published on 19th January 2020 after Barisan Nasional won the Kimanis by Election.  

Najib as the former Prime Minister may have even been involved.

Najib claimed that the now abandoned plan to issue Temporary Cards (PSS) to all foreigners, mostly Suluks, is a prelude for another Projek IC.

Ex-CM Harris Salleh has challenged Najib to give details and proof of the existence of Projek IC which to date Dato’ Seri Najib has conveniently ignored.  

This admittance by a former Prime Minister, therefore, must be true.

 It is not understood why none of the leaders have bothered to dig up evidence and proof that Projek IC was the machinery to accord IC to foreigners. 

None have bothered to follow up, regardless the legal, political or moral grounds.

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