Advice to those  resisting the use of English
Published on: Sunday, February 16, 2020
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The move to teach Science and Mathematics in English should be lauded and supported by all stakeholders.

As Malaysians who desire world-class knowledge, we cannot deny that technological advancements are built upon the “basic blocks” that are structured in English. The government should not be distracted by naysayers who cast doubts about the move. 

Teething problems are inevitable whenever new policies are implemented. To throw in the towel even before attempting it is an inwardlooking way of looking at things. Fear should not be allowed to take control of any decision making process.

We can be nationalistic and patriotic even while we acknowledge the capable qualities of other civilisations.

We need to accept the fact that although all cars run on four wheels, there are some cars that are capable of going up steep slopes faster. The occupants of such cars will reach the summit earlier. 

This is just an analogy to reflect upon by those who are resisting the use of English in the teaching of Mathematics and Science. We need to embrace a broader view to help our society reach the global platform faster. 

The world is moving rapidly in acquiring artificial intelligence and digital technology.We need to fearlessly embrace the “building blocks” in which they are founded. These building blocks are undoubtedly Science and Mathematics.

We also need to think about creating global employment opportunities in this era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The time is now. If the Wright brothers had waited for the right conditions by “treading carefully”, they wouldn’t have invented the first flying machines.

Dr Z Measias John

Commonwealth Scholar 2000

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