Improving teaching English in Chinese schools
Published on: Wednesday, December 05, 1962
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North Borneo News And Sabah Times (Wednesday, 5th December 1962) - JESSELTON, Tues.- Referring to an article about the teaching of English in Chinese schools in a Chinese newspaper today, Mr D.M. Collacott, Canadian Colombo Plan Adviser, said that while a few teachers of English and Chinese schools are very good, there is still need for very great improvement in the teaching of English in Chinese schools as a whole.

Collacott continued, if this state affairs is to be improved, for teachers with a good command of spoken English who can be traced in modern methods of teaching English – particularly spoken English.

Mr Collacott said that the letter of the article in today's Overseas Chinese Daily News was incorrect in saying that Kent College graduates who had attended a course for English teachers in Chinese Schools would be eligible for increments.

Kent College graduates who have been successful in these trained courses are just as eligible increments as other teachers.

The principal weakness among pupil is spoken English, only a few of whom are, as yet, able to carry on even a simple conversation. 

There is a great shortage of teachers who can, themselves, speak moderately good English.

Many parents would appear to be misled by the fact that their children often obtain high marks in written English examination, Mr Collacott said. 

They fail to realise that for employment or further study, children must also attain a reasonable standard of spoken English and be able to understand the spoken language.

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