Benefits of English usage are multi-fold
Published on: Sunday, February 23, 2020
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REFERRING to the news on the reintroduction of the teaching and learning of Maths and Science in English policy (better known by the Bahasa Malaysia acronym PPSMI), there are some key questions that need to be answered if we want it to succeed.

First and foremost, do we have enough teachers who can provide quality instruction in English for Maths and Science? This is our first key challenge. 

The teachers involved must be given training that are practical and applicable in the classroom.

The Kirkpatrick Model (1955) may be relevant to guide the stakeholders involved in planning, running and evaluating such training programmes.

According to the Kirkpatrick Model, effective training will not only help participants to learn whatever they need to know but also to react favourably to it. 

Impacts or results from the training must be defined in observable measurable terms as much as possible so that all the desired outcomes can be seen.

After the training programme, key people such as the school heads need to reinforce the newly-learned skills and knowledge of the teachers involved.

The next question is will there be long-term commitment on the part of the Education Ministry and parents? 

Can something be done to ensure that PPSMI will not be terminated with a change of government?

Everyone must be responsible in seeing PPSMI through. The benefits are clearly multi-fold. 

Not only will our younger generation have greater opportunity to improve their English language proficiency, learning Maths and Science in English would also benefit them in the long run. 

They would have access to more learning resources on the Internet and better opportunities to secure jobs on the international stage.

Let’s not be selfish and reject PPSMI. Let’s work together for the benefit of our children. 

Come out of our comfort zone and use the best of our abilities to make it work, and I am sure we will nail this after the initial hiccups.


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