Tamparuli couple’s wild boar meat a draw
Published on: Sunday, March 15, 2020
By: Lorena Binisol
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Dinuali had been selling smoked wild boar meat in the past 10 years.
SINALAU Bakas (wild boar meat) is synonymous to the people of Sabah, especially in the interior.

The meat is well-liked by all walks of life including tourists from Europe and China, among others.

A visit to Kg Bongol, Tamparuli, saw a few stalls selling the same item and could easily earn a hefty income, judging by the number of customers to get a bite of two.

Dinuali, a Dusun originally from Kg Kalawat, Tamparuli, said selling the meat is his family’s only source of income.  He has been selling it in the past 10 years.

While not a hunter himself, he depends on the suppliers.

“Suppliers from Telupid, Sandakan look for traders to sell raw meat.  Sometimes I take about 200kg-300kg of meat at one time,” said Dinuali.

When questioned about the sustainability of his livelihood, Dinuali said wild boars are aplenty in the wild and would not go extinct.

His wife, Eskulin, helps him at the stall which is located by the roadside where it has good visibility to passers-by.

Eskulin said apart from selling smoked meat, she also makes other condiments like “Noonsom”, a popular delicacy among the locals.  It is a fermented meat mixed with rice and other ingredients. Dinuali said in the past few years, people from outside the country dropped by his stall to have a taste of the meat.

“I am, of course, happy to see not only our local people enjoy the meat, but also people from Europe, China and other places. They do not mind sitting inside our humble small stall to eat the mat.  

“It is kind of cosy sitting here while eating. You get to enjoy the breezy weather and relaxing ambience,” he said.

The cool weather along the Tamparuli-Ranau road makes the whole experience worthwhile, too. 


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