Set aside politics and help to rebuild Sabah
Published on: Tuesday, May 26, 2020
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I have to agree with Datuk John Lo’s article, to a great extent, especially his call for Sabahan leaders to be united regardless of whether you are in the government or opposition. 

Under Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal’s leadership, Warisan led Government has been calling for unity among Sabahans and urging for all to focus on rebuilding Sabah without no or very little politicking. 

With Shafie’s leadership and willingness to accommodate all Sabahans regardless of race and religions, it’s now up to the opposition to put away the political show and show sincerity by working closely with Sabah Government (even as oppositions). 

To be fair to our administration, we have used no effort or very little to suppress any political leaders or civil servant even though they were and some are still strongly linked to previous administration or related to previous CM. 

This is simply because Shafie is very sincere in uniting Sabahans and industrializing Sabah to be economic power house one fine day hopefully sooner than later.

I am still hopeful though it’s not easy and believe that under the leadership of Shafie, Sabah dignity, status, rights can be restored.

When I was fighting as an opposition for 10 years, no one has ever believed in my struggle and no one has ever believed that we could overthrow that corrupting suppressive oppressive regressive BN regime. 

With God’s grace and willing, we have done it. It’s never easy and we never saw much chance then but i remained hopeful and persevere. 

Thus we must continue to fight on as the journey of change has just begun under Warisan led Sabah Government and we are beginning to see a lot of good changes now, there is no time to feel bad and give up.

I believe most Sabahans are with us, there will always be black sheep and there will always be politicians who only care about their own interests but this is not the reason to give up.

We Sabahans are better than these few political showmen, so we fight on and who knows in God willing, Sabah can even be better than we have expected. 

Lastly I want to thank John for sharing his very insightful article and it’s a good timing reminder for me and maybe for every Sabah political leader to remember that we can have different approaches and political views BUT our objective must be not deviate from protecting Sabah economic rights.


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