Spare a thought for dads who died or lost jobs
Published on: Monday, June 15, 2020
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As a father, you’re a role model, protector and provider, firm in guidance yet fond in love; dependable and decisive.

Realising all that while inculcating good family values and nurturing children to become responsible citizens can indeed be demanding in the best of times, let alone amid the vagaries of a pandemic like Covid-19.

Almost a third of all victims of this pandemic is in the 25 to 54 year age group, in particular, from the most vulnerable bottom-40 percent income households. And, males outnumber females three to one.

That age group of males is a significant part of the working-age population. Many are fathers, heads of households, often sole breadwinners, eking out a bare minimum living for themselves and their dependents.

Sadly, on this Father’s Day, June 21st, there will be many households that have lost their fathers due to Covid-19. And, many more fathers, due to the economic and social restrictions implemented to cope with the pandemic, have been deprived of access to work and suffered serious loss of income.

Let us reach out to those families and to the extent we can, let us support them to meet whatever might be their needs, including providing them comfort and encouragement.

Let us extend a special helping hand to those who live alone, are elderly, have health or mobility issues.

And, let us help by standing with the many frontline workers who, despite the movement controls, have to be away from their families because of the essential nature of their work.

Indeed, we have a distinct opportunity to let these people, who are hurting and in need, to know that they are not alone. Our kindness and mindfulness can and will go a long way to truly show our gratitude to fathers in these exceptional circumstances.



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