20-30,000 acres of oil palm planned for Tawau
Published on: Saturday, June 20, 2020
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TAWAU, Friday. – The following Department Reports were given to the Tawau District Team at their meeting last week:-

Forest: The District Forest Officer reported that average forest production for July, August, September was 1,372,204 cubic feet and average revenue was $276,205 per month. The figures for September 1962 were 1,300,339 cubic feet and $390,915 revenue. The team noted that, as was anticipated, these figures showed an increase over monthly figures for the first six months of 1962.

Custom: The Assist Commissioner of Customs reported that in September 1962, 379 vessels bringing 1,800 tons of copra arrived in Tawau, the highest figures since April 1961. The re-export figures had dropped slightly. Customs collections were $375,000 for the month.

Education: The Nuffield Specialist, Mr D. W. N. Stewart, informed the team that Chegu Awang Ahmad of the GPS. Kinabutan had been awarded a Colombo Plan Scholarship for one year in Australia. He is the first person from a GPS in Tawau District to receive such an award.

Agriculture: The Agricultural Officer reported continuing intense and diverse agricultural activity in the District. Tawau is now the largest new planting district in North Borneo. He envisaged 20 – 30,000 acres of oil palms being planted in the District in the 4 or 5 years.

There are now two settlement schemes on Sebatik Island; one at Kalabakan; a very large one in the Gading area; one in the Ulu Tawau, (stage 1) and four at Merotai Besar.

Some improvements had been made to the Town Slaughter House but it left much to be desired.

Long term schemes he had in mind for the District were:-

(1) A Dairy Scheme:- A scheme to provide fresh milk had been prepared but it might not be possible to implement this until 1964.

(2) A Pork Scheme:- At present a ring of butchers controlled the price of pork in Tawau at artificially high rates and were making immense profits while the producers were not getting a square deal.

The Team considered that the public should be warned of this situation. The Veterinary Officer hoped to introduce a scheme to circumvent the current price ring, and gave a brief outline of his proposals.

Marine: The Asst Marine Officer reported:-

(a) Marine Revenue in August was $34,624 and in September $31,015.

(b) There had been fewer ships in September but the average tonnage coming into Tawau was over 100,000 per month.

(c) The New Wharf was opened its full length – on the 23rd September 1962, and had already accommodated inter alia the MV. Bali 520 feet in length, with a gross tonnage of 9,646.

Old Jetty – After some discussion it was decided not to recommend the repair of the old jetty for barter traders. It was thought the more practical approach would be to improve or provide additional facilities on the new wharf in permanent materials.


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