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Published on: Tuesday, June 23, 2020
By: Dr T Selva
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MANY OF us communicate with ourselves consciously or unknowingly in our daily lives when we are confronted with all kinds of issues, positive or negative.  Some regard this intuitive contact as a conversation with our inner voice or strength, which guides us in our decision making, particularly when we have nowhere else to turn to.  All of us have this self-talk gift and invoking it is vital to able to constantly be in touch with this talent for our well-being and others.

But one needs to examine these signals because they are often known to be negative.  Some people have asked me on how she can tap her inner strength for happiness, prosperity and peace of mind.

The recent challenges arising following the coronavirus crisis has left many people in a disarray, some don’t know what to do or how to handle issues or where to seek for answers.  The power of the inner energy, which is within every individual, is that it can stimulate our consciousness and also show an individual what is right and what is wrong.  According to great masters in theological studies, we have undiscovered treasures in our unconscious state and if we are able to touch them, we will be able to awaken this inner energy.

The power of the inner energy is within us and when stimulated our consciousness can guide us to what is right and what is wrong.

In the beginning this voice may be weak, but the more we believe in it, the more it grows to become louder and stronger.

The connection can be realised through meditation, silence, exercising calmness, sweetness of speech or remaining in a relaxed state of mind.

This voice guides us to make the best choices and experiences in life and also helps us to think rationally instead of acting impulsively.

One of the major obstacles to linking to our inner power is our subconscious mind, which opens more towards what we or others programme into them.  Frequently, our mind is fed or exposed to issues related to hatred, fear, jealously, anger, hopelessness, distrust, revenge and so on.

Often, we are not conscious of such influences and this may result in us accepting information that is inaccurate, unhappy, negative and unhelpful.  

I wish to share some knowledge I learnt during self realisation studies under several experts in India on self-development. All of them say that we are born to be free, creative and successful.

However, most people find themselves chained owing to external forces, which slowly emerges as their own regime, preventing them from being boundless.  So, how do we free ourselves from such a situation?

You first need to identify clearly what you wish to achieve.  Once you have determined the objective, you need to surround your aim with all the appropriate emotions as well as the positive belief that your objective is within reach.  Ultimately, you can achieve it only if you can remain positive that you can do it.  When doing this exercise, make sure you ward off or change negative thoughts into positive alternatives.

Also, state affirmations like “I am good at this”, “I can do it”, “I am strong” or “I feel good doing this” so that your wish will be more effective.

Beliefs are vital because they are built on our life’s experiences, whether successful or unsuccessful.

Every belief, thought and feeling we experience creates a chemical and energetic response within our bodies.

Our strong beliefs and feelings create energy that draws to us whatever we put our attention upon.

If an individual is preoccupied, with no confidence in doing a particular work, he or she may soon find it a challenge to complete the task.

In short, all results, negative or positive, can been determined from the attention an individual had focused on.

The fastest way to resolve this issue is to change what we do, which starts with the changing of our behaviour.

Transformation affirmation

Find a quiet spot, relax and close your eyes and communicate with the cosmic consciousness by reading or mentally saying the following affirmation:

“I hereby declare and affirm that all negative energies, negative thoughts, negative psychic energies, negative diseased energies, negative vibrations, negative entities, that touch any part of my aura at any given time, whether externally or internally, sent by anyone or everyone, whether consciously or unconsciously generated, be automatically transmuted into Light, Love and Harmony and immediately returned to their senders and creators.” Open your palms facing upward and call for heavenly blessings, material gifts and healing energies, to be allowed to enter your space at all times.

Thank the unseen powers for your great blessings of Light, Love and Harmony. This affirmation can be observed whenever an individual experiences challenges in his or her career, relationships, health, partnerships and peace of mind. 

- Dr T. Selva is speaker and the author of the bestseller book Vasthu Sastra Guide. To get a copy contact 012-3299713. He can be contacted at Facebook: Vasthu Sastra and Website:


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