Is a Sabah YB really worth RM50m?
Published on: Monday, July 27, 2020
By: CP Kui
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Our front page report on July 25, 2020.
I was just waking up from bed when all my senses responded to shock and utter disbelief that any YB is worth RM50 million in today’s market place!! 

This is what Datuk Dr Yusof Yacob, State Minister of Education and Innovation cum Assemblyman for Sindumin claims he has been offered to frog over to the PN administration. 

But Dr Yusof said he declined to accept the offer. He should have named the person who made him that offer. I also want to meet him. I think maybe my grandfather’s bones are also worth that much.

RM50 million to cross over? Really? Just for one YB? How about the other YBs? Don’t tell me everyone has also been valued at RM 50 million? If 20 YBs were to cross over at that price has anyone any idea what the investment cost would be like just to assume power up till 2023 when GE 15 comes along which is only less than two years aways.

Well, let’s assume that what Yusof said was true. If only he had thought long and hard about it, there was a lot he could have done with that amount of money. He needed only to take one step back to move two steps forward. These could have been his options:


A) Accept the RM 50million. Tell his party boss that he will cross over and keep maybe RM10 million for himself. Then the balance RM 40 million, you buy four YBs from the other side lah. Buli bah. Hilang satu, tambah  empat lagi.


B) Keep RM 10 million for your future and use the balance RM 40 million to give the people of Sindumin a better life lah. Better homes, better roads, improve electricity and water supply, etc. Rm 40 million sure will go along way. 

One thing lah, whether that RM 50 million offer is real or not I don’t know. But Rosmah would say, can I advise you something ?

Never tell the wife about the offer you got of RM 50 million. Just tell her you want to cross over in the interest of your constituents. 

Tell her you are doing this for your people. After all every YB that frogs over says exactly that. How honourable. 

Just tell her as a token of appreciation, the other side wants to give you something. But remind her that you are a person of principle and will, therefore, refuse anything.  But if the other side insist that you take, tell your wife whatever you get you will give to a foundation under her name.


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