$2 per acre for land in Sandakan
Published on: Saturday, September 05, 2020
By: British North Borneo Herald
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(March 1, 1883)

The following alterations in Clauses 4, 5 and 14, of the Land Regulations of North Borneo of the 5th July, 1882, will take effect from this date and until further notice:-

(1) Under Clause 4 the price per acre will be at the rate of $2:-

(2) Under Clause 5 the premium will be $1 an acre, with an annual quit-rent of 20 cents an acre, the quit-rent being redeemable by 10 years’ purchase. 

The above alterations (1 and 2) relate only to land in the Sandakan District, the rate for that on the West Coast, and at Silam, and elsewhere, remaining as before. 

(3) Clause 14 is altered as follows: 

14. The Company reserves all edible birds’ nests and guano, and also the right at all times to enter the demised land, and to take, or authorise others to take, such edible birds’ nests and guano on payment of reasonable compensation for actual damage done to crops or roads of the Lessee. 

The Lessee will be entitled to collect all gums, gutta percha, india-rubber and other natural produce (save edible birds’ nests and guano), on and of the demised land paying any such Royalties in respect of the export of such produce as may for the time being be reserved to the Company, in pursuance of any regulations made or to be made by the Company. 

Provided that if the Lessee at any time, and from time to time, has not exercised his right in respect of any description of such produce, the Company may serve on him a notice of its intention to collect such description of produce, and if within a period of six months from the service of such notice the Lessee has not exercised his right, the Company or its licensees, agents, or servants may, at any time within three months from the expiration of such period of six months, enter upon any forests or uncleared or uncultivated parts of the demised land, and collect therefrom the produce referred to in the notice for the use or benefit of the Company, on payment of a reasonable compensation for actual damage done to the crops or roads of the Lessee, and so from time to time. This alteration (3) applies to all lands in North Borneo acquired from this date. 

W.H. TREACHER, Governor 

Notice to Mariners 

[All bearings are magnetic] Directions for entering Kudat Harbour 

After passing Kalampuniam Island, steer so as not to approach the coast within 2 miles. When abreast of First Point, a remarkable hill with a single tree on it will be seen; this hill kept open east of the islet off the south head of Kudat harbour (Tg. Tigasamil) bearing S. by W. 1/2 W. will take a vessel clear of the spit running off the north head (Tg Borungus). 

When a vessel is well down towards the harbour, the three beacons marking the outlying dangers will be made out. They are:-

Black Beacon on the east extreme of spit off Tg. Tigasamil.

Red Beacon on Sandilands Rock, situated off the south-eastern edge of the reef off Tg. Borungus, and (3) Red Beacon on Gueritz Rock, off the S.W. point of the same reef.

The black beacon is to be left on the Port hand, and the red ones on the Starboard hand entering.

The single tree hill should not be closed with the islet off Tg. Tigasamil until Johnson’s Bluff – a conspicuous round hill at the bottom of the bay about 300 feet high – bears west. The vessel will then be in the fairway of the harbour, and outside the Sandilands Rock. 

Steer for the bluff, and, when past the Sandilands Rock Beacon, a course may be shaped for the anchor-age or for the jetty as may be convenient, taking care to avoid the red beacon on Gueritz Rock.

Vessels drawing not more than 15 feet can lie afloat alongside the jetty at all times to coal, or load and discharge cargo.


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