Attempts to block the transfer of official queried
Published on: Sunday, October 11, 2020
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A POPULAR Penampang WhatsApp group has been discussing the issue of a Penampang District Council official and it would be very interesting to know what the newly appointed Minister of Local Government and Housing Datuk Seri Masidi Manjun has to say about the issue.

News of the official’s transfer surfaced before the dissolution of the Sabah State Legislative Assembly but it was apparently held up due to appeals.

It is understood that the last day for the official to serve in Penampang was 1st October but it was reported that he was still executing his duties.

It is also understood that the official supposed to take over his duties has already reported for duty and this is certainly an issue that needs to be resolved urgently.

The WhatsApp group also posted a picture of the Chairman of a certain NGO handing over an appeal letter to the Permanent Secretary of Local Government and Housing for the said Official to be retained in the Penampang Council and the question of an appeal by an NGO group is certainly questionable.

It is widely known in the district that the said official had neglected repairs of the Donggongon Tamu ground, haphazard parking of vehicles, massive traffic jams and delays in the approval of development plans.

It is evident that the roof at the Tamu ground is badly leaking and that request for repairs had been ongoing for the last two years but without any remedial action.

The status of the drains in Donggongon has also been repeatedly raised due to constant flash floods and this coupled with serious complaints from staff in the Council regarding the attitude of the official need to be urgently addressed by the new minister.

Donggongon township as well as other townships in Penampang, particularly the Beverly Hills commercial area, need proper facelifts and it is time for the new Minister to view the matter seriously so that the expectations of the people will be met.

As a government officer, it is normal for any transfer and the question of prolonged extensions due to appeals  raise suspicions.

It is therefore hoped that this will be addressed by the new government.




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