How cops unwittingly encourage drug trade
Published on: Sunday, October 11, 2020
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REPORTS of drug seizures often mention the monetary value. I consider this practice by the police narcotics officers as totally unnecessary and unwarranted.

The police work within the terms of relevant anti-drug laws, especially the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952. 

These laws only state the minimum weight of the illegal drugs seized for the crime to be proved, not the monetary value of such drugs.

Worse still, to young restless minds, the huge value of seized drugs as stated by police or reported can indirectly influence young minds about profits to be made from the lucrative nature of the illegal drug trade and trafficking, irrespective of the risks, including mandatory death sentence (Section 39B) or mandatory long sentence and minimum 10 strokes of caning (Section 39A).

The police and narcotic officers should stop this practice, and only announce or report the weight of seized illegal drugs.

Refrain from giving legally irrelevant information such as the market price of seized drugs, which should be of no concern to the enforcement agencies or courts.

It is not essential to procure a conviction of drug syndicates, traffickers or pedlars according to the statute criteria of the anti-drug trafficking or illegal consummation laws.


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