Sacking of the community leaders
Published on: Sunday, October 18, 2020
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SOME Warisan-Plus elected representatives recently criticised the new Gabungan Rakyat Sabah government of replacing 2,800 native community leaders.

 The most vocal among them were Jannie Lasimbang and Darell Leiking. But wasn’t it Warisan that replaced these same leaders when they formed the back-door State Government in 2018?

 Darell was reported as saying those being replaced have the experience. My foot! What experience when most of them were confirmed well after a year Warisan took over.

 In many areas the people didn’t vote for Warisan despite getting their land grants because they knew this was initiated by the previous state government under the Pantas scheme and Warisan just capitalised on it, including parading the new Land Director around to legitimise their operation. 

 The frog issue that their cybertroopers went overboard also had no effect because people saw the hypocrisy of Warisan welcoming frogs to their side as heroes and labelling those dumping them as traitors.

 It is a blessing that this PTI-friendly and seemingly hypocrite government only lasted two years.


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