Peace is possible – find it in your heart
Published on: Sunday, November 08, 2020
By: Dr T Selva
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EVERY person has realised following the Covid-19 pandemic is that the three vital needs in life are food, shelter and peace.

To a great extent food and housing have been met but the constant uncertainty has completely destroyed their peace of mind. 

The frequently asked question is how can we be in harmony when the situation around us in a turmoil?

What the world needs now is peace and for it to prevail we need to fix ourselves first. We cannot control what is outside us but we rule what is within us.

When we are in peace with ourself we can contribute towards a harmonious world.

Currently, people are in a disarray because they lack understanding what life is all about and the situation worsens when faced with a crisis.

The society is facing an unusual conflict and this has led people to get angry easily, having disturbed mood and develop hatred.

In fact, wars in the world are all triggered by the battles that take place within people and end up on the outside.

There are many things that we do not know about life and about ourselves and it will make a world of difference when we get in touch with our true nature which we have neglected all this while.

There is also more to life than what we see and what we have been told to believe because within each one of us lies a treasure of peace and beauty, which if uncovered can bring true fulfillment.


There is only one place to find peace and that is in your heart.

Individuals will fight when they do not understand and value what life is all about. 

The danger of war is people squander life and such conflict does not exist only on the battlefield but at home.

Many humanists, philosophers, and world leaders have expressed that war starts within the mind.

I was fortunate to have attended several inspiring discourses by world renowned ambassador of peace Prem Rawat better known as Maharaji, who has awakened millions of people to find peace within to lead a fulfilled life.

World war could seem tame compared to the battle that rages within a human being.

Lifetimes are destroyed in this battle; precious moments are sacrificed and total destruction can take place in a confrontation.

The struggle within is the biggest battle and this issue must be identified and fixed. 

We need to be at peace with ourselves because on our own battlefield the “I” is being decimated.

The unrest within keeps us from finding true peace and as long as this is the case, there will always be war on the outside.

One should understand that the unrest of the body surely brings misery, but the grief that comes from the trouble of the heart is far worse.

Do you know that each one of us have an invisible thief that follows us wherever we go and the thief robs us of the most valuable assets we have – joy, peace and contentment.

When we say: “I want peace in my life, but I will pursue it later, we give permission to this invisible thief to come in”.

Within everyone there is something that yearns for peace. Peace is a possibility because it is lying dormant in the heart of every individual and something has to happen before that potential is realised.

Prem Rawat pointers on peace

- Peace is not necessary in the mind but it is necessary in the heart.

- Peace, joy and true happiness are not subject for thought because they can only be felt.

- Look for peace inside and even if all the other wars end, as long as the war within us is still raging on, we will not be at peace.

- If we are at peace with ourselves, then we will have that peace, no matter what outer war is going on.

- Peace has to be felt every day and everybody can feel peace.

- Peace has nothing to do with being rich or poor, young or old, educated or uneducated.

- Whatever tragedy we may go through, there is still a candle that burns inside which gives out light, joy and peace.

- Whatever religion you are following, peace is still inside every individual.

- The beauty of peace is you don’t have to give up your jobs, families, problems, and difficulties to attain it.

- There is only one place to find peace and that is in your heart.

- If you want peace, connect yourself to the one thing that brings peace, your heart and it has got nothing to do with controlling your mind.

- The thirst for peace is not created by any individual or by anyone else but it is innate in every human being and it needs to be gratified.

- You may be more interested in making peace with your neighbour, boss, wife or children but if you are not at peace with yourself, you are never going to make peace with anyone else, not even yourself.

- You don’t need to find a quiet spot or go on a vacation to find peace but delve within and find the peace and quietness.

- There are certain things you cannot send a replacement for and peace is one of them. 

- Peace does not grow on trees but in people’s hearts and war grows in the mind of those who harbour hatred. 

- Dr T. Selva is speaker and the author of the bestseller book Vasthu Sastra Guide. To get a copy contact 012-3299713. He can be contacted at [email protected] Facebook: Vasthu Sastra and Website: www.vasthusastra.com

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