Keep your pets inside your compound
Published on: Monday, November 09, 2020
By: Shirley Khong
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HOW many times have we written about keeping pets inside your own compound?

There are so many pet dogs roaming our neighbourhoods and streets; often times you can find them rummaging in bins looking for food, wandering around enjoying their “walk” and hanging around and/or sleeping outside cafes and shops.  

People living in the housing areas shopping community know that these dogs have owners and allow them to hang around and sometimes even feed the dogs too! 

Generally people are pretty tolerant, however, there are those who are not and these people have been known to abuse the dogs, berate them and blame them for spreading diseases, making the place dirty and strewing rubbish on the roads and, of course, for being a nuisance. It is the animals who suffer through no fault of their own, as it is their irresponsible and ignorant owners who should be held accountable!

There are two types of owners: the responsible owner and the irresponsible owner.

The responsible owner

This one will own a dog or several dogs. He will love his dog and take good care of him/her!

The dog will be taken for walks daily and fed with good nourishing food. When the dog is unwell it will be taken to the vet for a check up.

Sometimes the dog will even be taken to the beach, or even on a hike or camping trip where the dog and his master will share adventures and memories.

This dog is never caged and is only on a leash when it’s being taken for a walk! The dog will have an area cordoned off for its safety or when there are visitors. They are never left to walk outside the compound on their own and if they somehow manage to escape, the owner will do everything in his power to find him and get him back!

These owners would never think of abandoning or abusing their pets. They would be responsible and if their pets have not been sterilised and have puppies, they would do the responsible thing and have them spayed after the litter is born and the pups will all be sterilised and vaccinated before they are rehomed!

The irresponsible owner

These owners do not really care for their pets. They only want a dog to guard their house and feed it whatever is left over from their meals. These same people may want a pedigree dog for prestige or even for breeding but never give it the care and love every dog deserves. 

These owners are selfish and think only of themselves! These are the type of owners who would not think twice about abandoning their pet when it is sick or when it has puppies or just because the owner is fed up of the responsibility!

These dogs are always left to their own devices. They roam outside to pee and poop so their owners’ compound stays clean. They rummage in bins because that’s what dogs do when they smell food. 

They look around for food and if a feeder happens to see them around, he/she will presume they’re strays and feed them, too! Sometimes even knowing they have an owner, the feeder will still feed, because the other strays are being fed. Sometimes a feeder even tries to arrange for the dog to be sterilised and vaccinated because the owner does not take the responsibility!

Are you not ashamed irresponsible owner that your dog is being treated as a stray dog? Why do u want a dog in the first place? Is it because as a puppy it was very cute and u and your family loved it. Then as it grew into an adult and lost its cuteness u and your family cud not be bothered any more?

Why do you not sterilise your dog? Don’t say it is a male, it needs no neutering. If not for the male, how would a female get pregnant?

Then there are the owners who keep their dogs caged 24/7 day in and day out. If the dog is lucky it is in a sizeable cage where the dog can still move around some, although it should not be caged all the time anyway. 

Then there are those poor unlucky dogs who are caged all the time in a tiny cage and never let out. We have seen owners who actually do this to their dogs. How we wish we could cage these same owners so they get a taste of their own medicine.

Imagine day in and day out your life is in that cage! Rain or shine, thunder and lightning, the dog is inside that cage and we have noticed that these cages somehow do not have extended roofs, ie the roof overhang is barely enough to keep the rain out. Let’s us not talk about the hot sun shining into the cage!

And what is worst is the dog always gets the blame for everything it does when the owner lets it out on its own. But remember: it is not the fault of the dog but the human. Blame the owner!

Do you know to let your dog out on its own is against the Animal Welfare Enactment (AWE) 2015. The owner can and will be fined a hefty sum! Keeping an animal caged all time is also against the AWE!

Think a hundred times before you want to own a pet. There are huge responsibilities that come with owning a pet and it is not necessarily cheap unless you are an irresponsible owner!

A dog gives u its love and loyalty unconditionally. Even if you treat it bad it will still love and trust u. Don’t u think it deserves some love back?

At the same time, stop buying from breeders. There are so many dogs out there crying for a loving secure home and giving them such a home would be the best thing you can do

Please tell your friends not to own a pet unless they are willing to take on the huge responsibility! And please consider local domestics instead of purebreds. 

Have a heart; adopt a stray!

So which pet owner are you? The responsible or the irresponsible? It’s never too late to change if you fall in the latter group!


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