3 cat siblings dumped, only one survives
Published on: Monday, November 16, 2020
By: Dr Roslee bin Haji Abbas
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The two that didn’t make it.
HElping Animals Rescue Team (Heart) 

UNLOVED animals have nowhere else to go. We are seeing a big increase in abandoned pets during this crisis. These animals, just like many others, have nobody. 

It is heartbreaking to think about these abandoned out there confused, scared, sick and all alone. Cats like them only have you to save them from misery during this difficult time.

It angers us to no end that people would do that to cats. We understand when times get tough - perhaps you’re laid off or whatever and you can’t afford to keep the cats - but to just go and put them out – that’s just unacceptable. Cats have feelings too and they weren’t meant to be thrown away like trash.

We believe three cats were abandoned on Mat Salleh road. These three siblings were left on the side of a road last week and got hit so hard that the cats’ eyeballs popped out. By the time, we reached at the scene, it was too late. Two of the cats unfortunately died. Devastatingly one of the dead cats was heavily pregnant in the most ghastly manner. We respectfully took care of the cats’ remains and bothered to bury them. It was the least we could do.

For one abandoned cat who had lost two of his abandoned siblings in a road accident, struggling to live on the streets of Mat Salleh, he found himself smack dab in the middle of these situations. Actually, it was in the middle of the street where he had come to face to face with danger. And sadly, his reaction time wasn’t enough to save him from colliding with a swiftly moving vehicle. 

We discovered the other cat soaking wet lying motionless in a filthy drain. We believe the cat, who we called Remy, was hit by a car, causing devastating injuries, and left to die in a storm water drain beneath the road. It’s not known how long the cat run down a storm drain dazed after being hit by a vehicle. 

No one starts their day wanting to be a bystander to an accident. The horror, the blood and the gore can stay in movies – that we don’t have to see. But to witness another living being experiencing a horrific event is traumatising for everyone. 

When a witness lady found him lying in a pool of his own blood and foul smelling drain and barely clinging to life, thankfully she leapt into action. She immediately made a phone call to the Heart rescue team and alerted us to the cat’s plight. And that call is what literally saved the lucky cat’s life. Well, one of the nine, anyways. 

Heart team arrived on scene and found a scared and suffering feline. Making sure to approach carefully, we were able to finally “coax the hurting, but hungry, cat into a carrier with food. 

He was so weak that he didn’t even flinch when we cleaned him before the terrified boy was taken to the vet clinic for emergency medical treatment. Severely injured, the cat was unresponsive and had lost an extreme amount of blood.

The cat was thin, dehydrated, severely muscle wasted, and quiet. He also had outward physical injuries including scabbing, several broken toenails, and fracturing his pelvis and right hip. However, it was his internal injuries that were concerning. 

He had some significant blunt trauma to his chest, according to the veterinarian. As soon as the veterinarian pulled off the air from his chest… he immediately perked right up. Once he is stabilised, Remy the cat needs crucial surgery to repair his injuries and alleviate pain. Without the surgery, he would certainly not able to use his leg well, and he would have had long term pain and very severe arthritis which could easily have led the vet considering amputation in the future.

He must wonder what happened to his family, but he is safe now, and is being showered with love and attention. 

Today, we cleaned up your mess. We felt worse for your cats than you did. We buried your dead cats and rescued your survived cat. How could you create this situation? How is it that you feel no remorse? How is it that you were you able to walk away from animals you shared your home with for a year, ten years, fifteen years, knowing that they might die because of your actions?

We’ll never meet you to ask you those questions. We just hope we meet the person who will be good enough to give your only survived baby that sunny spot to sleep for the rest of her life (however long that is). 

He (Remy) deserves it, and it’s a crying shame you didn’t have the decency to give it to him. Please do not consider leaving one again in the future in such circumstances. 

Any owner who abandons an animal and such animal suffers injury or malnutrition or abandons any animal in a street, road or public place, without providing care is guilty of a misdemeanour of the first degree. We also want to remind the public that not only is it cruel to abandon an animal, it is also illegal and punishable under the Sabah Animal Welfare Enactment 2015. 

Someone convicted of an offence under that enactment could be fined up to RM100,000, face up to three year in jail and be banned from owning any animals. 

Remy deserves so much more than to die alone and in pain. And with your help he can be given a second chance. Please, help sponsor Remy’s medical treatment to save desperate cats like Remy. 

We receive no government funding and rely on the support and kindness from our community, private donations and charity bazaar to complete our mission. Heart does not euthanise animals to make space to house others. We are a no-kill animal welfare group and work to preserve life whenever possible.

If you would like to help to pay for Remy’s medical veterinary bill and his other expenses please send your money to:


The two that didn’t make it.

The sole survivor.



Account number:

70 3762569 4

And every ringgit helps! Thank you in advance for your generous, big and small (and no donation is too small).

Have a heart. Donate. Remember: Spay/neuter.


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