Unexplained behaviour of Dusun duo
Published on: Saturday, November 21, 2020
By: British North Borneo Herald
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Two Dusun were killed recently by jumping off a moving bus. These cases are not unknown and one wonders at the mentality, or rather, sheep like following of a leader, prevalent among Dusun women, which causes them to throw life away in the face of obvious and certain death.

In the case, one woman jumped first and had obviously killed herself a moment before the second one jumped since the bodies were found about 30 yards apart on the road.

We recall a case where a Dusun woman fell off a raft crossing a river, and was immediately followed by four others all of whom were drowned.

Jesselton seems to have become completely Ford V8 conscious; the number of these vehicles imported averages one per ship.

With a stretch of the imagination, we can foresee a few V8 chassis forming the forward bogies of snappy on the main line.


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