Time to reflect upon and learn
Published on: Sunday, November 22, 2020
By: Dr T Selva
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WE ARE in a terrifying and unpredictable pandemic that has restricted our freedom of movement, placed our lives on hold and made no place feel safe.

As the crisis continues indefinitely, we have become disconnected from the society, worry about going out and are caged in our own places of dwelling.

The hugs and kisses we used to display as an affection with our family and loved ones have become a weapon now.

The forced physical separation and being masked constantly has hidden our beauty and smiles and made us unfriendly, lonely and gloomy.

Vehicles, money, fame, looks and power have become worthless because we are constantly struck in fear on the likelihood of being infected by the coronavirus. 

As we adjust our lives to the new normal, we must take a moment to evaluate the lessons we have learnt thus far. 

What does all of this mean? 

It appears that the universe is sending us a message because we have taken our macro home which is the earth for granted and now facing the retribution.

So, what can be learnt from the current situation which has brought us to our knees as we seek divine intervention?

The global calamity has taught us several life lessons and among them are to pause, reflect, rethink and reboot our lives.

Lesson 1: Five elements: Every living being on this planet is governed by the five elements that is fire, water, earth, air and ether which have interactive influence to human senses of touch, taste, sight, hearing and smell.

When we are in disharmony with these fundamentals, we will experience discomfort, challenges and even misery.

Time has come for us to re-examine our lifestyle, body, mind and spirit because we could have abused or neglected it for a long period.

We now cook and have our meals at home more often than eating out which is a healthy way to recover from our imbalance.

2.    Mindful living: We have been made to realise that God is within us and not in the places of worship which are all closed now. 

We should invoke our spiritual consciousness in our heart and mind and go within to seek for solace and directions in life.

Places of worship act has an antenna to connect us to the higher consciousness but now we need to activate the temple that is within us.

We should see God in every person and speak with love, grace, care, kindness and peace.

3.    Relationships: Our busy work and routines in the past had reduced the time we have spent with our spouse and children.

The intermittent lockdowns have pressured us to spend quality time with our families, improve our bonding and appreciate them dearly. 

We have found new and meaningful ways of staying in touch with the people we care, through Zoom video calls and sending care packages. 

Our endless interactions with them have brought us closer and happier, and we understand their thoughts and feelings better than before.

4.    Crisis management: Although every one of us have some form of preparedness to handle a crisis before but we have found that we are all ill equipped for a prolonged crisis like the Covid-19.

The loss of jobs, displacement at work, salary cuts and uncertainty have placed many people in a confusion.

We have learnt a hard lesson and that is to start having an emergency saving and organise a relief or support system to survive any indefinite catastrophe in future.

We need to develop a short, medium and long-term crisis plans to emerge smelling like a rose again.

5.    True friends: The crisis has revealed the varying types of friendships and people we prioritise in our lives. Some people who we have cared and shared closeness and trust have disappeared.

We need to be more consciously aware on who we consider our pillars in our good and bad times.

6.    Wellness: Nothing else is more important than having good health. We have discovered that we have been abusing our body with erratic and unbalanced diets, putting up with stressful regimes, having poor sleep patterns and not giving our body adequate rest. 

Our mental health has been compromised with constant anxiety.

We are now pushed to pay attention to hygiene, exercise and adapting healthy living methods because our health is wealth.

7.    We are all one: The pandemic has made all of us equal and it does not matter who we are, what we have or what position we hold. If you are living a life of poor disciplined you can be punished or become a victim of your own wrong doings.

We should learn to be humble and modest and treat everyone fairly and equally without looking at the colour, race or religion.

8.    Put to test: Our resilience, endurance, patience, mental and physical strength have been put to test. We have never experienced such a long predicament and we are compelled to emerge stronger with greater confidence. 

We have learnt to remove our ego, anger and hatred and display the unassertive part of ourselves.

9.    Home sweet home: We are now required to stay home often and it is vital for us to take a close look at our dwelling space. This is the one space that we can count on to protect ourselves.

As a result, it is importance we respect and take care of our private space by cleaning it regularly and removing clutters.

We should redesign our living quarters to our comfort and also set healthy boundaries between us and our loved ones so that we can all co-exists in harmony.

10.    Time to reflect: We need to slow down and take one thing at a time. We should take stock of our lives and do things that are within our capabilities and not stretch ourselves to unimaginable limits.

It is time for us to reflect upon our past experiences and pay attention to the lessons learnt.

We should value our lives more now and pick up the information from the subtle messages from the universe and promise not to repeat our past again.

We should stop living in regret but advance to make the world a better place to live in.

- Dr T. Selva is a speaker and author of the bestseller book Vasthu Sastra Guide. To get a copy, contact 012-3299713. He can be contacted at [email protected]; Facebook: Vasthu Sastra; and Website: www.vasthusastra.com

It is time we reflect upon, learn and heal.


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