Parallels in hero-worshipping of both Trump and Najib
Published on: Sunday, November 22, 2020
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THE defeat of Donald Trump by Joe Biden at the recent presidential election was unprecedented and welcomed by the world.  The Non White Americans, of course, feel they can now return to the time before Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s team of Senior Appointed Executives had such a high turnover that it was referred to as “the revolving doors of the White House” – the most recent was his Defence Secretary. 

Others including his Campaign Manager, his Chief of Staff, John Bolton as Security Adviser just to name a few, all appointed by Trump who lasted a few months before they were either dismissed or made to resign.  

In addition, Trump also condemned several International Treaties and domestic policies such as health care.  

The most important of International Treaties, The Paris Climate Change Accord, was cancelled by Trump after just a few days in office.  His reasoning was that the Accord had been arranged by President Obama.

Nevertheless, Trump managed to remain in office for four years despite being described a “con man”, a cheat, a criminal and his day job as the President.  All was written in the book by his former Executive after just a few months.

Surely, the YB Senators, and the YBs at the House Representatives who are Members of the Republication Party, could have opposed such unfair and unjust behaviour by Trump.  

However, based on media reports none of Republican YBs in the Senate or House of representatives, had opposed any of his actions during his last four years.  The Senate and Members of the House and House of Representatives can under the USA Constitution revoke any decision by the President.  

Imagine if Trump did what he did if he had been the leader of Japan, United Kingdom or the Chancellor of Germany, he would not have lasted a minute.

Based on these facts, the “orang puteh” of America are no longer upholding their conscience or practise the idea of “just and fair”.  

In fact they are like some Sabahans, who are renowned for hero worshiping of leaders regardless whether right or wrong.  

A Good example is Datuk Najib, who was sentenced by the High Court to 12 years for corruption (of course Najib appealed the Judgement).  

However, an overwhelming number of Malaysians still hero worship “Boss Ku”.  Surely the High Court Judgement had merit and was not manufactured.

It appears the only people who seem to hold the principle of “fair and just” with a conscience are the Japanese and Germans.  The rest will continue “Hero Worshipping”.

Dayang Jambul

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