Hit-and-run: Dog sustains multiple injuries
Published on: Monday, January 11, 2021
By: Dr Roslee bin Haji Abbas
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Donations needed for Samaria.
HElping Animals Rescue Team (Heart) 

HOMELESS/stray/abandoned dogs often have to dodge zooming vehicles on the streets or highways. Sometimes those dogs aren’t so fortunate and are struck by a speeding car and left to die. 

The carelessness of people can be truly heartbreaking. The highway is a very frantic place, with mass amounts of cars zipping from place to place mostly always in a hurry.

When there are so many homeless animals wandering about, it’s easy to get overlooked. That doesn’t make it right, however, it is a sad reality that exists in Sabah.  This poor baby was all alone and in terrible pain. We have named her Samaria. She was hit by a car and left to suffer with multiple injuries. 

Samaria was probably abandoned by her former family by the side of the busy road. 

And while trying to fend for herself on the streets, ended up being hit by a car. Luckily, the pup survived, but was very badly injured and desperately needed help.  We don’t know how anybody could throw her out – all she wants to do is rest against you on the sofa.

Highways are the crossroads of culture and country. 

They also are a hotspot for animals who are attempting to cross to the other side and, for some reason, a place to leave unwanted pets. 

Many pet owners who don’t want their animal anymore will just drop off their pets on the side of the road on a highway shoulder. Much of the time, the pet doesn’t make it.

When we saw a furry body laying on the side of the road there was no question that we were going to help. We put ourselves in danger just by stopping on a busy highway. 

You can hear the people whizzing past her, honking their annoyance at the ten-second slowdown. You can see the pitiful state this pup is in as we rolled to a stop. When we rolled the window down, the dog responded as she saw a potential saviour. 

The scene was heartbreaking as you realised what had to transpire for this dog to end up here. 

Unbeknownst to many of them, we were saving a life. Fortunately, a Food Panda rider and a passer-by also stopped to help us carefully lift up the fatally dog into our car. And to the driver of the vehicle who just left after hitting the dog – be a responsible adult. Look at the pain you caused.

After we got the pup safely into our car our eyes swelled up knowing how much pain this dog is going through. 

This dog was in a lot of pain, and we think she knew it was going to be the end. We told the dog that we wouldn’t let her die. 

The dog was sent to our panel animal clinic for further treatment. X-rays revealed Samaria has suffered some head trauma and multiple fractures to her left forelimb, spine, lumbar 2 to lumbar 3, left last ribs and left pelvic bone. 

Once the dog is stable, surgery will be required to fix her multiple fractures. The cost of the surgery and other medical expenses are about RM2,000 plus. Please support Samaria with a small donation today. 

Her health condition is unstable and we are praying that she recuperates soon.

We receive NO government funding and rely on the support and kindness from our community, private donations and charity bazaar to complete our mission. 

Heart does not euthanise animals to make space to house others. We are A no-kill animal welfare group and work to preserve life whenever possible.

We rely on donations from people like you who are willing to spend their hard-earned money to help animals in dire needs.

If you would like to help to pay for Robin’s medical veterinary bill and his other expenses please send your money to:


Account no.

70 3762569 4


And every ringgit helps! Thank you in advance for your generous, big and small (and no donation is too small).

Have A Heart. Donate 


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