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Published on: Saturday, February 06, 2021
By: British North Borneo Herald
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(Wednesday, October 10, 1962)

JESSELTON, Tues.- Dr Thomas R. Williams has returned to North Borneo to continue his studies of the customs, language and history of the peoples of the Interior.

He is accompanied by his wife, Margaret, and their eighteen months old son. Dr and Mrs Williams lived for one year in 1959-1560 in Kampong Sensuron, Tambunan during the first part of their study. In the next two years they will live in Kampong, Baginda, Keningau.

The studies of Dr Williams are sponsored by the National Science Foundation of the US Government and by the University of California, where he is an associate professor of anthropology.

In the time of his absence from North Borneo Dr Williams has published ten scientific articles concerning his studies of the Tambunan peoples.

Directors of Education meet


(Saturday, October 6, 1962)

JESSELTON. – The 13th Annual Conference of Directors of Education in Commonwealth countries in South-east Asia opens in Singapore on 9th October and will last until the end of the week. Mr G. D. Muir, North Borneo’s Director of Education, will leave Jesselton on Monday to attend the Conference.

Mr Muir will take with him the report on the Regional Conference on the Teaching of English which was held in Jesselton last month. This is one of the subjects which will be discussed at the Conference.

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