More myths about cats and dogs
Published on: Monday, February 22, 2021
By: Shirley Khong
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WE love our cats and dogs, and they mean the world to us. While most pet owners would do almost anything to improve their pets’ lives and/or correct their bad habits, others do some very strange things to/for their pets!

In this article, Fair would like to dispel some of the strange behaviours and myths that we have come across in our dealings with pet owners… so sit back, relax and laugh a little – and please, never do any of these things to your beloved animals!

MYTH: You can’t train a local/kampung dog as well or easily as a pedigree dog 

So many of us own dogs that are not pedigrees. My friend has two dogs rescued from a bin where they were dumped. These two dogs are just beautiful local breeds but they have been taught and trained with love and patients to walk on and off leash, to follow commands and to come when called. It is merely our perception of stray animal being untrainable because so many of us do not spend the time and energy bothering to train them, opting to simply cage or tie they up saying they are badly behaved and untrainable. Yet seeing a pedigree as a status symbol, exotic and special many spend more time with them and make more effort to train them. All dogs can be trained... it’s simple up to us if we want to.

MYTH: Cats can drink cow milk 

Despite popular belief, cats do not need cows milk! If they are fed a balanced diet, they will get all the nutrients they need that way. Milk can upset their stomach, particularly if they are not used to it. This is because, once weaned, many cats become lactose intolerant as they lose the ability to produce the enzyme needed to properly digest it. In other words cow milk/powdered milk cud make them sick and have diarrhoea!

Should you want to give your cat milk, it may be best to purchase a lactose-free equivalent. Although bear in mind that any milk will contain calories and may lead them to put on weight. Kittens must drink milk in order to survive, but only their mother’s or specially-tailored formula milk purchased from a vet and only during their baby stage!

MYTH: Dogs can eat anything humans can 

Not true! Toxic foods for dogs include chocolate, sweets/candies, garlic and onions, grapes and raisins, bacon and ham, avocado, salty foods (including soy sauce), dairy products like bread, raw fish and eggs, peanut butter and baked goods.

A little bit as a treat once in a while is fine but on a long-term basis it may make their tummies bloat and this could be a danger to them!

MYTH: Pet owners can self-medicate their animals with human medication 

Whilst some human medication may help our pets it is unwise to treat our pets as humans and give them human medication. Paracetamol for example is dangerous for a dog and can kill them.

Tylenol a pain medicine is safe even for children but it can cause liver failure in dogs and damage to red blood cells in a cat! Antihistimines like Benadryl, Zyrtec and Claritin are not recommended for pets as it may make them drowsy and may contain ingredients that are not safe for pets!

In simple words, do not give your pets human medication unless your vet says it is safe! Check with your vet for best advice!

MYTH: Black cats and dogs are bad luck 

There are so many beautiful black dogs and cats out there and the only bad luck they cause is when the owners their owners are stupid to believe in such a thing. Some humans do, however, bring bad luck to their pets, no matter what colour the pets are! Hence, forget it! Black cats and dogs do not bring bad luck and they are too beautiful to bring anyone bad luck. 

MYTH: ‘Kesian’ to neuter/spay my dog 

Some humans refuse to neuter/spay their dogs because they feel it is cruel, unkind, pitiful or not required by God. They say it is better to let the dog have at least one litter before it is neutered. Meanwhile, the poor dog will keep getting pregnant, keep having puppies and the owner is overwhelmed and overcome financially. So let’s do what is best for the human: abandon the dog and maybe even the pups. 

Problem solved! If a dog or cat is neutered or spayed, the pet’s temperament is much gentler, it will not roam around, it will be healthier and happier and more importantly, there will be no unwanted litters!

So sterilise your pet today; why wait till u have too many to handle?

Well here are some of the silliest myths. If u know of any other even sillier ones tell us about it on Fair Sabah Facebook. 

Hope you all had a kick and a good laugh this week – we need it! 

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