Scalded homeless cat gets second chance
Published on: Monday, March 01, 2021
By: Dr Roslee bin Haji Abbas
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HElping Animals Rescue Team (Heart) 

SO many animals become victims of abuse each day. You won’t believe it, but the absolute stars of the Internet, cats, also suffer from the “human hand.” How can one abuse such cute and defenceless creature? The answer is much simpler than you might’ve thought. Most of the abusers are the owners who simply neglect their feline pets. However, there are other cases, which include curious or aggressive kids, who physically abuse stray cats, as well as emotionally unstable adults, who can harm their pets. 

Heart received a distressed call from Nur Ad-Din pertaining to a homeless cat with an open wound on his neck. Heart named him Gaddafi.  He showed up at Nur Ad-Din’s home for food and was chewed up pretty bad. He had a chunk missing out of his neck. A good size one too about five inches and square shaped. It looked like straight raw flesh with the hair and skin just hanging on him.  It was awful. Gaddafi’s maggot-infested wound smelled of rotting decomposition.

Abused cats can be anywhere. If you see a stray/homeless cat, most likely it was abandoned. When we examined its injury, someone had scalded it with boiling hot water to its neck and ears. How can anyone be so brutal to an innocent life? If he could abuse a cat, he would also harm or even kill a person in the future. The cat wouldn’t make it if not the attentiveness and kindness of his informer. The one-year-old cat was found at the door of the informer’s house in conditions that can be hardly called friendly. It was only the maggots that infested the poor creature. Gaddafi was completely wounded after being poured scalding water. This sweet cat was a stray/homeless, hanging around outside near the informer’s house. Someone took advantage of his gentle and trusting nature and abused him.

We’re pretty sure that he got severe wounds occur from being abused by a heartless person because this is just too bad to have come from any cat. Heart rushed Gaddafi to the animal hospital where he got immediate care and medical treatment.  

The vet revealed an extremely emaciated 2.5kg traumatised Gaddafi with severe wounds fighting for its life. A horrid stench from the maggot infestation wound was very disturbing. There were maggots crawling in and out the poor cat’s neck. Gaddafi was given antibiotic injections along with cleaning and dressing. He was also given fluids intravenously.


Due to the severity of the wound Gaddafi has to be hospitalised and closely monitored. Gaddafi’s prognosis remains good with intensive treatment. His wound does not require surgical treatment but daily cleaning and dressing are required. The bandages on Gaddafi’s neck help stop bleeding, keep the wound clean, protect the wound from further injury, and prevent the wound from excessive drying. He still eats and drinks well, but spends most of his time sleeping.

He’s fortunately expected to make a full recovery but closure of the skin wound may take longer healing times. He will need extra care and attention. He will need lots more sleep, rest and peace. While Gaddafi is recovering from his wounds, he will need extra care and attention. Caring for bandages and dressings. In the early stages of healing, the bandage may need to be changed as often as once a day to start; and longer intervals between changes. Without it, his wounds won’t heal properly and may become infected.

Gaddafi was receiving an intensive care at the animal hospital that lacerated his neck and face due to suspected abuse by a despicable human. 

They have gotten him the medical treatment he needed, including laser treatments. In spite of his ordeal, Gaddafi has maintained a sweet disposition despite his wounds. He was finding a way to somehow nourish himself to try to stay alive. He has an indomitable spirit. Incredibly, and in spite of the barbaric cruelty inflicted on him by humans, Gaddafi remains loving and affectionate. He has a constant purr that rumbles through his body non-stop. He even licks people to show his affection. He only flinches when someone gets too close to his wounds. 

Life hasn’t been easy for this innocent boy, but after a few days at the ward clinic things are starting to look up. For all the bad folks in the world, there are many more good ones. The vet also noted that because of the damage to his ears from the abuse, Gaddafi will require ongoing vet checks in addition to standard vetting.

The only law under which abusers can be taken to court in Sabah is the Sabah Animal Welfare Enactment 2015 and, up until 2021, the fine for those found guilty is a hefty maximum of RM100,000 and the threat of three years’ jail, or both. 

Another life has been abused. Too many cats have been killed, abused or abandoned... and this has to stop. The important part is getting people to step forward. We think it shouldn’t be about whether you love or hate animals; it’s about justice. Whoever did it should be apprehended.

Heart is offering a monetary reward for any information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the person or those responsible for the incident. Anyone with information can e-mail us at [email protected] 

Heart informed the police and reported the case to the Department of Veterinary Service (DVS). They had been alerted to and is concerned to learn of the abused of a cat due to suspected abuse and investigations are ongoing. 

If you are able to donate to support Gaddafi’s medical care, please do! Heart is accepting donations.

We receive no government funding and rely on the support and kindness from our community, private donations and charity bazaar to complete our mission. Heart does not euthanise animals to make space to house others. We are A no-kill animal welfare group and work to preserve life whenever possible.

We rely on donations from people like you who are willing to spend their hard-earned money to help animals in dire needs.

If you would like to help to pay for Gaddafi’s medical veterinary bill and his other expenses please send your money to: 



Account no.

70 3762569 4



And every ringgit helps! Thank you in advance for your generous, big and small (and no donation is too small).

Have a heart. Donate.

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