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Published on: Sunday, March 28, 2021
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“COLLABORATION with Umno?” Its time Sabah DAP and clear up whether they are in fact willing to work together with Umno like how DAP West Malaysia Headquarters have done.

As the DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng expressed his plan to form a new government with Umno, and his actions has caused some anger and backlash among the Chinese. 

Thereafter, he issued a press release saying that DAP’s position remained unchanged and he will not cooperate with Umno. 

However recently DAP secretary Loke Siew Fook said DAP is willing to negotiate with Umno. 

Then to further add to the speculation in an interview with “Astro Awani”, he also raised up a rhetorical question: “Would Umno also be willing to discuss the cooperation with DAP?”

We can’t help but only think the once crusaders of injustice DAP is now nothing but a bunch of power hungry people with the sole goal of being part of the ruling government of the day. 

This is so far from what they have been preaching to people who actually voted for them. 

How can you so easily turn your back on your fundamental philosophy of fighting for the Chinese community and instead selfishly do whatever you got to do for your own political interests? 

Where have the so-called principles of decades gone? 

 For our own political interests, we can pawn the support and trust that our Chinese have always given to DAP.

Lim Guan Eng expressed that for the benefit of the people, it is possible to consider post-Umno cooperation. 

In order to be able to govern Perak, the chairman of the Perak Democratic Action Party, Nga Kor Ming, stated that he was willing to organise the state government with Umno. 

Today, the Secretary of the Democratic Action Party Loke Siew Fook had re-issued a manuscript saying that my country’s political situation has changed and it is full of possibilities; political parties need cooperation. 

May I ask, are the fundamental principles of the DAP still being upheld or have they disintegrated into thin air and forgotten? 

DAP must not forget why Chinese support them? 

It is because the Chinese community believes that the previous confrontation between DAP and Umno was for the Chinese community. 

In particular, DAP has firmly stated that it will not cooperate with anyone linked to corruption and abuse of power. 

If DAP is able to give multiple reasons to cooperate with Umno today, what is their difference from MCA? 

Wouldn’t it be better for us to support MCA?

In the past, we still remember that the DAP once scolded MCA as worthless and not able to do anything. 

It said that MCA betrayed the Chinese Community in the Barisan Nasional and admitted that it was not in the UEC. 

DAP has 42 seats in the National Assembly today.  What did DAP do for the Chinese community when it was in power? 

After DAP came to power, has it been recognised in the unified examination? 

After the DAP came to power, it seemed to have forgotten this.  

When the opposition party used to say everything to express concern about the feelings of the Chinese community, after being in the government, they always said that they would take into account the feelings of the Malays. 

Even if the acceptance of an independent high school diploma is not possible, it is advocating that our Chinese community should still read the Jawi language. 

It is more than worthy to say that if we read the Jawi language, it does not mean that we are Malays, and it seriously hurts the dignity of our Chinese community. 

The most hateful thing is that they pawned the education of the Chinese community and attacked TAR College, and did not allocate funds for the education of this college.  

The arrogant attitude of being an official completely ignored the educational future of our children and brothers in the Chinese community and pawned the education of our Chinese community.

Looking at this way, MCA has never had so many seats in the National Assembly, but it has contributed far better to the Chinese community than DAP during its administration. 

In particular, the individual DAP leaders who have always been dignified and often attack Umno. 

Now that they fell, they have become quiet and have not attacked Umno or the current government at all. 

They have to wave to Umno and want to form a new government together with Umno. 

No matter what reason DAP give, it can no longer rationalise what it does for the Chinese community. 

Because the Chinese community are not fools, and we will never be deceived by them again.

DAP have lost their principles and also the meaning of fighting back for the Chinese community. What is the position of the Sabah DAP today? 

Sabahans are very disappointed with the trust and support we have given to DAP; especially the Chinese community, and now have essentially become a bargaining chip for DAP to cooperate with Umno.

Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament, Chan Foong Hin, made his way from Tawau to the west because of the support of the Chinese society for the DAP. 

After the victory, he did not make any desirable contribution to Sabahans.  He never denied that he had met the Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Hajiji Noor, who is also the President of PPBM. 

Which really severely betrayed the trust and support of the Sabah Chinese towards DAP. The fundamental principles have already been diminished.

The Sabah DAP must make their stand clear and not pretend to be stupid. The people of Sabah were disgusted and furious with this “Collaboration with Umno” issue.

The Sabah DAP should come clean and not remain silent on this topic. 

The people of Sabah have the right to know whether they have voted rightly in voting DAP in Sabah or have we all be fooled?

Jeff Lu


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