Land committee is formed
Published on: Saturday, April 03, 2021
By: British North Borneo Herald
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NORTH BORNEO NEWS and SABAH TIMES (Wednesday, October 3, 1962)

JESSELTON, Tues.- The Governor has appointed the following to be members of the Land Utilization Committee under the new Country Land Utilization Ordinance:- Mr W. S. Holley – Chairman. Mr Chan Chi On and Mr J. R. Baxter, Members. The Director of Agriculture and the Director of Lands and Surveys are Ex-officio members of the Committee.

Another piracy in Tawau

NORTH BORNEO NEWS and SABAH TIMES (Tuesday, October 2, 1962)

TAWAU, Mon. – This year’s 30th piracy report has been received by the Police in Tawau. Armed pirates are said to have boarded a sailing craft carrying six tons of loose copra, a crew of six and three passengers. According to the report, the pirates fired threatening shots with a pistol before boarding the vessel and taking the copra and some of the craft’s equipment. There were no casualties.

Kent College programme

North Borneo News and Sabah Times (November 21, 1962)

TUARAN, Tues – The closing programme of the student teachers’ of Kent College and the Topokon Community Development Council will be held at Topokon on November 27 at 2pm. Topokon is the pilot village situated near Tenghilan where the student teachers’ had their four weeks of practical training in Community Development with the village people as their counterpart.

During the afternoon, Mr GD Muir, Director of Education, will formally declare open the Community Centre. Mr Peter Regis, District Officer Tuaran, will induct the officer of Topokon Community Development Council. Mr JH Alman, Principal of Kent College will also speak before visitors tour various development projects at Kg Topokon.

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