Reports of armed raids and clashes
Published on: Saturday, August 28, 2021
By: British North Borneo Herald
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Nov 16th, 1938 

ON the 29th August, Pangeran Shabandar of Padas Damit sent across an armed party consisting of six police, several chiefs, Patih the fratricide and followers amounting to 34 men and after capturing Pah Si Buas, his son, and Si Buanar, pulled down 7 houses, in the district of Palapawan. 

The above men were put to work on his earth works, unfortunately the arrival of Sandakan police and my final visit to 

Gomarit, preparatory to leaving for the 

Interior, prevented the usual patrol party leaving that day and the marauders 

escaped to their own territory unpunished. 

A Bisaya boy, suffering from a loath-some cancer, on the 24th September, committed suicide by burning down the house he was living in. The other inmates, all females, had only time to save their bedding and clothes before the house was one mass of flame. 

At 10 pm on the night of the 24th September, a party from Padas Damit fired 3 shots at Pah Si Tansar’s house but no one was hit. The police stationed there turned out and nothing more was heard except a great beating of gongs from the Padas Damit “Balai” or Council House, shortly afterwards. 

Orang Kaya Shabandar Bukair reports that Si Sia the son of the late Matsali Kirong captured two Longkalin women (Province Keppel) and sold one to the Pamaluyun Muruts and another to the Ulu Mengalong Muruts. The first will be in safety but the fate of the latter is doubtful but may be got by local arbitration. Si Sia is in upper Mengalong.

NATIVE AFFAIRS — Local interest is directed to the solution of the Padas Damit question as to how long we are to put up with the numerous raidings, oppressions, and attempted murders by our neighbours across the borders but now that the Brunei Rajahs have understood the serious turn matters are likely to take and have offered their services to bring Pangeran Shabandar to reason, there is cause to believe that a speedy solution is at hand. 

I trust in a few days to receive visits from Maraja Oban and the principal chiefs at Pagalan, some of whom were concerned in the murder of trader Daud at Sungei Rayo last March. Unless the Padas Damit question is speedily settled, I shall authorise O.K. Sabandar Bukair to open the Market fair in November by which time the S. Rayo blockhouse will be ready for the police. 

Reports from Mengalong state that there is some fighting between interior Muruts and local Bruneis. This independent state is a few miles south of our boundary. 

Farewell to Mr Bateson

On the 15th October, within a few days of his departure from North Borneo on retirement, Mr E Bateson, Controller of Rubber, was entertained to tea at Jesselton Re Hotel by the entire staff of the Rubber Restriction Department. 

After a group photograph had been taken sat down to a sumptuous meal the party during the course of which Mr Leong Fah Kyearn, the Chief Clerk, rose and read the address:- following

“We, the undersigned members of the Rubber Restriction Staff, have the honour to convey to you, on the occasion of your retirement, our mixed feelings of congratulation and regret — congratulation that you have completed an arduous arm of service carried through in a manner which has won the respect and admiration of all who have been privileged to work under you; regret because you will soon depart from us earlier than we had expected. 

We would wish, therefore, to take this opportunity of expressing to you our gratitude and appreciation for the sympathy and understanding which you have always extended to the members of your staff during your term of office as Controller of Rubber, and for the forbearing spirit with which our shortcomings and mistakes have always been met. 

While setting us an example yourself of efficiency and painstaking hard work, you have always shown a good-humoured readiness to bear with the failings of your subordinates and to give them constant encouragement in their work which has indeed won for you our respect and affection. 

In the wider sphere of your work as Controller of Rubber, we are conscious that you have carried through a task beset with many difficulties in a way which has not only called forth the admiration of the general public, but also conferred lasting benefits upon the Rubber Industry of British North Borneo. Your expert knowledge, combined with a spirit of tact and fair-play, has smoothed over all difficulties and will leave the legacy of a smoothly-working system of rubber control to your successors. 

In parting, we wish to thank you for all you have done to make our period of work under your leadership such a pleasant one, and to wish you long life, health and prosperity in whatever part of the world you may spend your well earned retirement. We ask you to accept this small cheque in token of our affection and gratitude, and to spend it on some small souvenir which will be a constant reminder to you of the affection with which we shall always remember you.” 

At the conclusion of the address Mr Leong Fah Kyeam handed Mr Bateson a cheque being a presentation from the staff with which they hoped he would buy some-thing that would be a constant reminder of this happy occasion. Mr Bateson concluded by saying that he felt very proud indeed of the Rubber Restriction staff who had always given him loyal and unstinted service, especially in the early days of Restriction when, by a great deal of hard work, the department grew out of chaos into some semblance of organisation. 

Mr Bateson sailed by the s.s. Ktzjang on 19th October. At his departure the whole staff went on board to say goodbye and to wish him a pleasant voyage, longevity and prosperity.

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