M’sians’ littering habit needs to stop
Published on: Saturday, September 11, 2021
By: Shirley Khong
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MOST Malaysians lack the common sense when it comes to throwing rubbish in the right places – the rubbish bins.

I myself am a Malaysian and when I go for my evening walks, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, I see litter everywhere, and I mean everywhere! 

I see tissues, paper, plastic bags some with food some without, and worst of all masks just simply thrown on the ground with no thought or conscience for anything or anyone!

Do Malaysians know the meaning of cleanliness or what rubbish bins are for? Would you just throw away these items on the floor of your house? 

Why not? Then perhaps you should start now so you will have some idea of how dirty it makes the place. Perhaps only then one will realise why rubbish should not be thrown simply anywhere!

At the same time please do instil in your children the importance of not littering and to care about the environment plastic usage or rather non usage etc.

Is it so hard to carry whatever you want to throw in your car or till you come across a bin before disposing of whatever you are going to throw?

Did you know that birds can be killed because of our indifference, laziness or irresponsibility?

All these littering affect the poor birds and terrestrial fauna. Birds have been seen with masks tangled in their wings or around their necks when they think the strings are worms and swoop down to catch their “meal”! For a bird, the mask is a heavy load and, of course, a danger to their lives!

Please be considerate. If you can cut off the rubber bands from the mask or at least knot the ends of the ear loops and roll up the mask and tie the bands tightly and securely round it so it will not come loose or just tear off the string from the mask, before disposing of the mask thoughtfully would help tremendously!

Be considerate always in all ways! The only way our world will improve is when we become considerate for other living creatures and as humans, stop harming other living creatures. We have the knowledge and choice! Only then will the world we live in be in harmony as one.

As it is now humans do the most harm and if we do not change our ways immediately, to care about nature and other human beings, we will be paying dearly for it! If not you then your children and their future generations!

Until we as humans, who have the voice and choice, change our attitude, the world will never progress but keep regressing! Do you want to leave your children such a world?

Let’s all make a difference today!

Note: In view of hard times please leave food or water for strays when you see them. Thanks!

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