Homeless cat left to die after ‘hit-and-run’
Published on: Saturday, October 16, 2021
By: Dr Roslee bin Haji Abbas
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HElping Animals Rescue Team (Heart)

UNFORTUNATELY, many homeless cats are injured during road traffic collisions. Their innate desire to roam and inability to understand the dangers posed to them when crossing roads can lead to life-threatening injuries. It can even prove to be fatal in some cases.

Being the victim of a hit-and-run accident is a tragic experience, be it human or animal. After suffering severe injuries upon impact, most of them are left helpless on the road as their lives slowly slip away.

We can’t anticipate when an accident will occur, especially on the road. There may come a time when an animal would suddenly sprint in front of the car leaving the driving no room to react. When that happens, that person should at least take responsibility.

Sad to say, there are plenty of irresponsible drivers who would drive away without remorse, leaving the animal in a fatal condition.

As drivers on the road, one of the most imperative rules to follow and abide by is being responsible while behind the wheel.

Whether if it’s a fender bender or worse, drivers should always make a conscious effort to own up the consequences of road incidents, should it befall upon them. This is especially true of accidents involving victims, humans or animals alike.

Be more responsible in dealing with animals. Accidental or not, the right thing to do would have been to step out of the vehicle to check on the condition of the cat.

If it wasn’t dead upon impact, perhaps there could have been a chance to save its life.

Should the outcome be the opposite, it would still be more respectful to attend to the cat’s carcass instead of leaving it there. Passers-by saw her laying helplessly, but no one stopped to help.

Fortunately for one cat in Taman Maxwell, Penampang, her pain didn’t go unnoticed.

A kind woman saw her by the side of the road and came to her rescue.

This poor baby was yelping in pain by the side of the road. Sheila a cashier at a convenience store was on her way to work on Wednesday, October 13, found a young female cat hit by a car whose driver sped away, leaving her lying fatally injured in the road. The driver had shown arrogance and domination without any respect for life or law.

She brought the injured cat to her workplace and made a distress call to Heart and we dispatched our team immediately. We named her Farah.

Farah’s life wasn’t going great. The 1-year-old cat was a stray/homeless, living on the streets and struggling to survive.

She had spent much of her life surviving on the streets of Taman Maxwell, Penampang town and a battle that she came close to losing before she was rescued by Heart.

Saving one animal will not change the world, but it will forever change the world for that animal.

Heart rushed the cat to the animal hospital with massive internal injuries. X-rays revealed the intestines had been pushed (herniated) through the opening into the chest. 

In other words, the cat’s intestines had spilled out onto it’s abdomen. Her collision had fractured her pelvis and right hip.

Due to the severity of her injuries, Farah has been in the animal hospital in intensive care with continuous monitoring since Wednesday.

She is at the end of her rope and clinging to life. She needs crucial surgery to repair her injuries and alleviate pain once she’s stabilised. If it weren’t for Heart who took her to the vet, it might have been just too late. The chance is not high … but it is still an opportunity.

To evaluate the extent of her problem, the vet then carried out a detailed neurological examination.

This involves systematically testing a tick list of reflexes and nerve function tests.

The examination showed that Farah had some movement in her right back leg, and she meowed loudly when the vet pinched the toes of both back legs.

This meant that, crucially, she still had sensation in her feet: her spinal cord was able to send messages from her back legs to her brain.

Farah’s surgery is an urgent necessity but she needs to be stabilized. The vets said that it hadn’t passed the critical period but had improved and that it needed further evaluation.

We really can’t fathom why people can’t have more of a heart. If it was an accident the driver should have shown some remorse, but the driver chose to be pure evil.

We are desperately appealing to the driver who hit the poor cat and sped away to do the right thing and come forward. Do the right thing, come and speak to us and give your version of events.

Anyone who hurts any animal is the lowest of the low. We hope the driver gets caught and punished. Everyone makes mistakes. We hope the driver who hit Farah will be brave enough to learn to face his own mistakes.

We really hope people will help us get Farah the medical care she needs

and to fund her ongoing care. With the support and generosity of people like you, Farah will have a second chance at the life she deserves and a much brighter future.

The medical costs associated with Farah’s, surgery, care and other expenses are expected to reach RM1,800 or more. A non-profit organisation, Heart relies primarily on public donations to help our most vulnerable animals. If you can help Farah and other animals like her in need at Heart, you can donate online to:


Account no.

70 3762569 4



We receive no government funding and rely on the support and kindness from our community, private donations and charity bazaar to complete our mission. Heart does not euthanise animals to make space to house others. We are a no-kill animal welfare group and work to preserve life whenever possible.

We rely on donations from people like you who are willing to spend their hard-earned money to  help animals in dire need. We will be appreciated if you could help to pay for Farah’s medical veterinary bill and her other expenses.

And every ringgit helps!

We thank you all for your loyalty and support during our difficult and trying times. We are honoured to be able to call you friends and family.

Thank you in advance for your generous, big and small (and no donation is too small).

Have a heart. Donate.

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