How to introduce a new pet in your household
Published on: Saturday, October 16, 2021
By: Shirley Khong
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If the resident dog seems to accept the new dog’s presence then unleash the new dog and allow them to play together.
IT’S always nice to have two dogs in a home as opposed to just one. This makes the dogs more sociable and they have each other for company. 

Of course, at the same time, they get up to double the mischief too but it’s worth it; the love, joy and laughter they bring to your home

However, the resident dog or rather “boss” may take some time getting used to the newcomer and here are some tips on how to make the transition easier!
  1. bring both dogs to the meeting spot. Try to make it a neutral place like a park or playground as the resident dog will probably be territorial on home ground
  2. allow the dogs to sniff each other and if possible bring a friend along to watch one dog, just in case!
  3. meanwhile, at home put away your resident dog’s toys, food, bowls, blanket etc and prepare a tall baby  gets to separate both dogs until they get used to the  other’s presence/company. The new dog should also have its own possessions so they do not fight over ownership
  4. at the first meeting allow the dogs to sniff each other, circle, play, urinate or even just ignore each other, but importantly hold the leash slack because if the leash is too taut he dog may feel it is being held back
  5. if both dogs seem to get along well, then bring both for a walk to the house and if u have a yard, unleash them both there but unleash the resident dog first and allow them to play in the yard for a short while as you watch from the side
  6. if the resident dog seems to accept the new dog’s presence then unleash the new dog and allow them to play together. If they still do not seem to get along and the resident dog displays aggression or becomes territorial then it’s best to keep them separate and try again later 
  7. always feed the resident dog first and feed the new one in a separate room so there’s no stress 
  8. keep up with their regular walks together and watch their interactions for the next two weeks, till they are used to each other and are fully accustomed to each other 
  9. reinforce good behaviour with treats and over time both dogs can be best buddies. 

Worst case scenario is send your dog to a good trainer who will know what to do 

If the dogs fight it is time to intervene and separate them. If they seem to get along then take them both for a short walk together

Keep this first meeting brief. If all goes well then the follow up meeting can be on home turf and a longer time

It is always preferable to have two dogs as they are company for each other Good luck!

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