Bung knows reason but blames Warisan
Published on: Sunday, October 31, 2021
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IT IS strange that Deputy Chief Minister  Datuk Seri Bung Moktar Radin saw fit to slam Warisan on the problem of the poor water supply in Sabah. 

Bung should, instead, slam himself for this consistent and continuous problem of water supply in Sabah.  

After all, YB Bung has been a member of the Federal Government (Barisan Nasional) for more than 20 years, and in that time he never bothered to raise or offer a solution to this perpetual problem that has inflicted Sabah since the late 1980s.

Sabah leaders in Government and the opposition continuously blame the Federal Government for challenges faced by Sabah.  

Based on facts, Sabah is part of the Federal Government and has been since 1963. 

Any wrong doing or rights surrendered to the Federal Government of Malaysia is mostly a result of inaction or incompetence by Sabah leaders.  

Therefore it is not understood why they continue to place the blame on the Federal Government.  

After 60 years, Sabah had never and ever opposed anything at the Federal Government level.  

As a so-called Parliamentary democracy, Sabah representatives including the likes of Bung, should have left the Federal Government and be part of the opposition.

Bung conveniently ignored the fact the main reason why the Sabah water supply system has remained primitive, was because the allocated RM3 billion Federal Fund  to improve Sabah’s water supply went missing.  

This was widely reported which resulted in a few arrests in 2017 – that is all.  If the RM3 billion had been spent as intended by the Federal Government, Sabahans would be free of this water woe. 

This RM3 billion was under the responsibility of the Federal Government Ministry of Rural Development.

It is argued that since this RM3 billion was a Federal Fund and under the control of Federal Ministry, Bung should have moved a motion during Parliament sitting and request the Federal Government replace the missing funds allocated to Sabah.  

Similarly, almost the same time another RM3 billion went missing also from the Rural Development Fund.  

Again it was widely reported and a few arrests made. 

Thus, the total missing funds amounted to RM6 billion. 

That’s a lot of funds that Sabah was deprived of. 

Bung should have raised this during a Parliament sitting and have the Federal Government replace this missing RM6 billion given his 20 years experience as a member of the Federal Government (Parliament).

It is acknowledged that the people of Sabah and particularly those in the Kinabatangan area have confidence in Bung and will keep voting for him at every election.  

With all this support, Bung should, therefore, do the right thing for Sabahans.  Forget position for once, just do what is right.  

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