Candidates for local govt elections
Published on: Saturday, November 13, 2021
By: North Borneo News and Sabah Times
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Scenes from the past: Charter Day parade on the Nov 1, 1910. - pic for illustration only.
(Wednesday, 5th December 1962)

JESSELTON, Tues. - Notices of Contested Election showing the names and symbols of candidates for the Local Government Elections which begin on 16th December are now to be seen outside most District Offices in the country.

In the Jesselton Town Board area there is only one contested ward – Tanjong Aru. Candidates are Mr Cheuk Ming To (Sabapa) and Enche Harris bin Mohd Salleh (Usno). 

Polling will be at La Salle Secondary School, Tanjong Aru on 16th December between 8am. There are 1,284 voters on the Electoral Roll in that Ward.

The following are the contested Wards of the Jesselton Rural District Council:-


Candidates: Enche Bakar bin Bosoh (Usno), Enche Ignatius P. Daim (Unko) and Enche Koring bin Basilan (Pasok Mamogun), Polling will be on 16th and 17th December at the Yick Nam School. Total number of voters on the Roll is 2,527.


Candidates: Enche Johnut Buka (Independent) and Enche Shari Abdul Latip (Sabapa). Polling will be at the Sub-district Office, Putatan, on the 16th, 17th and 18th December. There are 2,091 votes on the Roll.


Candidates: Mr Ah Sin Engguah (Usno) and Mr Chong Kai Ming (Pasok Mamogun). Polling Station St. Peter's School on 16th, 17th and 18th December. Number of voters: 2,517.


Candidates: Mr Chan Tet Hin (P.M), Enche Ganing Bin Jangkat (Usno) and Mr Stephen Tibok (Unko). Polling at the Paramount Theatre on 16th, 17th and 18th December. Number of voters: 2,761


Candidates: Enche Jimbun Leo Segundad (P.M), Mr Mansuet Yap (Independent) and Mr Richard E. Yap (Unko). Polling at District  Office on 16th, 17th and 18th December. No. of voters: 2,141.


Candidates: Enche John Yagut bin Garu (P.M) and Enche Manuel Thangit (Unko). Polling at the NVS, Babagon, on 16th December. Number of voters: 44.



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