Karambunai land ownership dispute not resolved yet
Published on: Sunday, October 31, 2010
By: Early Borneo History Observer and Lover

The Karambunai land ownership issue must first be resolved before the project to build the proposed integrated eco-nature resort - the first in the world - starts.Proposed by Nexus Karambunai and also among the highlights of the National 2011 Budget tabled by the Prime Minister recently, the project should not get underway until the land ownership dispute is settled.

The State Government, in this case, should have taken into account the present status of the land before accepting the proposal.

It was made to understand that the land originally belonged to Pg Jalaludin Pg Abdul Rauf who was the son-in-law of Sultan Brunei, Sultan Hasyim Aqamadin who married his daughter, Pg Anak Siti Zubaidah.

The land title was issued in 1905 under Lease No 228. During the British colonial time in 1935 the land ownership was transferred to Pg Jalaludin's daughter Pg Siti Fatimah under Country Lease No 045091174 ... and later to Pg Siti Hafsah Binti Mohd Salleh as guardian.

Who is this Siti Hafsah that she was made guardian of the land and how did the land title then belonged to her?

The question here is did Pg Jalaludin left a will before he died and where was he buried?

After that the land ownership was transferred to Siti Hafsah's grandchildren, Pg Ahmad Shah and Pg Osman Shah bin Yussuf, the sons of her daughter, Siti Halimah.

Currently, the land title CL 045091174 is placed under mortgage with the DBS Bank Singapore.

Why it was mortgaged nobody knows.

Of course, the proposal by Nexus Karambunai is a good move to promote the Borneo Island, especially Sabah. We also want to be proud bah!

But, Nexus Karambunai must also be wary of about the land status before suggesting the project to the State government while people are still in the dark who actually owns the land.

From what is already known, there have been quarters from the Brunei Royal family who have obtained an order from the Brunei Heritage Court and Reseal of the Commonwealth countries permission at the Kota Kinabalu High Court and then at the Kota Kinabalu Syariah High Court to get the right as the first heir from Pg Siti Fatimah Binti Pg Jalaludin under the Islam Faraid ruling.

The case has been filed in the Syariah High Court but unfortunately there is no Syariah High Court Judge at the moment, thus delaying and complicating the much awaited process.

Until when should we wait for the Judge to be appointed and why can't

the Head of State expedite the process to boost the image of the already tainted Syariah Court.

Perhaps, there is political interference involving "big people" with vested interest.

And until now we are still waiting to know who is actually the owner of the Karambunai ancestral land.

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