US tour group finds the prices in Jesselton ridiculous
Published on: Saturday, November 27, 2021
By: Dailly Express
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(Monday, July 26, 1965)

JESSELTON, July 25 – A leading American tour agency executive warned here yesterday that unless drastic reductions in the “fantastic” hotel and meal charges in Jesselton are brought about soon, the State will run the risk of losing much needed tourist business potential.

Mr Fernon Amoffett, leader of a 17-strong American tourist group, currently on a world tour, bitterly complained that hotel charges in Jesselton were pretty ridiculous and “certainly fantastic”.

“What’s worse” he added, “they even charged a couple $6 for tea”. He pointed out that even in best hotels in the United States, tea costs only 75 cents each.

The group, that arrived from Brunei on Friday, left yesterday for Hong Kong by Cathay Pacific Airways’ Electra.

Mr Amoffett pointed out the group would have easily preferred to stay one more day, “but frankly, they just could not stand the charges.” 

He grumbled that room rates were “very excessive well above the best hotels in many parts of the world.”

The tour leader said that his agency, which is one of the few which sponsors tour visits to include Sabah, might have to consider dropping Sabah out of their tour itinerary unless some drastic steps are taken by the authorities concerned to reduce the rates here.

He pointed out that many towns in Africa and Europe have already been dropped out for excessive rate charges on tourists.

Mr. Amoffett said that most of the members of the group were taken up by the sights, especially the lovely Tanjong Aru beach. He maintained that this country had a great tourist potential.

He pointed out that the people here were generally very helpful and friendly, and this mattered a great deal in the promotion of tourism.

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